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WDT Tool I'm seeing a lot of on eBay. Thoughts?

2021.09.21 21:31 Tsquared93 WDT Tool I'm seeing a lot of on eBay. Thoughts?

Hey Everyone,
I put a post out a few months back asking about grinders, but unfortunately my budget for getting a new grinder had to be spent on a new car for the wife.
That being said, I find I am spending a ton of time on WDT because I don't have a great tool (I'm using a fork from a toddler cutlery set). I've been tempted to buy this but wanted some feedback before I spent the money.

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2021.09.21 21:31 lol_smart Saint Louis maintains No. 1 prep football ranking

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2021.09.21 21:31 RPDread A Pleasant Day for a Trip to the Countryside

7th Day of the Fifth Moon
King’s Landing
After the events of the last few weeks, Sebastian was feeling confident. Or was the word reckless… either way he felt good and eager.
After the show of unity the day before had precluded him from making any meaningful conversation with her, Seb decided to invite Gael on a short traipse into the countryside outside of King’s Landing.
He rose early to set things in order so that the event would be pleasant but also fit the tastes of a member of the royal family. What those things were would remain a surprise until they arrived at them.
He dressed in clothes fit for travel, with a black jacket atop a thin white undershirt, he wore brown trousers with black boots on at the bottom. Seb ordered his horse saddled and one of the smaller wheelhouses prepared should the princess not be one for riding. His pair of hounds, named Garth and Gardener, were also prepared for a trip into the brush.
Only a short walk up Aegon’s Hill, Seb traveled on foot to the Red Keep where he asked a steward if he may call on Princess Gael.
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2021.09.21 21:31 Ocelot_spots How do you know when it's post-breakup grief or clinical depression?

How do you know when it's post-breakup grief or clinical depression?
I'm pretty secure in relationships but I also know I have some AP type wounds, so I'm posting here in the hopes someone with similar experiences can offer insight. I went through a breakup, dumped by an FA I loved a lot, about 2 and a half months ago. I'm still so sad every day. I have other stress in my life as well, mostly work burnout, so the breakup grief might just be one component. But I think about this person on a daily basis, which keeps bringing up negative emotions regularly. I have a lot of anger right now, but of course underneath it I still love them a lot and am struggling with having lost them forever.
I think part of me was expecting my ex to reach out after a month or so of no contact, as it was left very open as a possibility but the ball very much in their court. I was trying not to hold onto hope, but I know I had some hope anyway. Now it's been long enough that I think I'm having to face the loss and acknowledge they'll probably never reach out. So maybe this is just what moving through the grief process looks like. But I'm pretty worried for my mental health... I went through a suicidal depression episode many years ago, and this is feeling concerningly close to that. The feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness are familiar. I feel betrayed, and devastated at the loss, and more generally I feel hopeless and think I'm going to be alone forever. I feel miserable and like I have nothing to look forward to. All I can picture is a long miserable trudge through life, lonely the whole time, until I'm old and still lonely and then I die. It doesn't seem worth it. I'm frustrated by everything and the things the used to be fun, mostly outdoor activities, just leave me alone with my thoughts and so I feel no peace. I also feel super restless, like I want to move across the country just for the change.
I have a longterm therapist and I recently brought up the idea of antidepressants. She said it might be worth a try, and we've had a few conversations about how to tell the difference between grief (which shouldn't be medicated) and depression (which can be). The line isn't super clear. It seems like duration is the main difference, and since it's only been a few months it's hard to say.
Basically, has anyone had experience moving through this after a breakup, especially one where you were left by an avoidant? How did you cope, especially as someone with AP wounds? Was it normal grief or clinical depression?
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2021.09.21 21:31 Moniumyt In a 20 man PPR. Who gets the most action Week 3 for the Browns? Trying to pick up the right guy

View Poll
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2021.09.21 21:31 Sn0wDazzle What can be done with NFC on a Windows 10 PC/laptop and how?

I got a Dell 5285 tablet/laptop with Win10 Pro from Ebay, and I discovered that it has an NFC device built into it. However, I can't figure out: what exactly can I do with it, and how??
Weirdly, Googling "Windows 10 nfc" or similar terms yields precious little info. Of course, there's lots of material about NFC on phones and how great it is for payments. But obviously this is irrelevant here.
I found a couple links talking about data transfer via NFC, which sounds useful:
However, they're talking about Windows 8, and the instructions don't work for Win10. This is the critical part:

Select Devices Select Tap and send
Well, I can't find a "tap and send" in my Windows 10 Settings > Devices screen. Secondly, the other link talks about using a Windows phone to transfer files to the PC. Who even has Windows phones anymore? I have an Android, which does have NFC; are they compatible?
Can I use NFC to transfer files between PC and phone?? If so, how? If not, what other functions can this NFC thing be used for??
Alternatively, what else can this NFC module be used for?
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2021.09.21 21:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW Hotel Rwanda’s Paul Rusesabagina found guilty of terror charges at Rwand...

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2021.09.21 21:31 Air_More DEO how y’all feel about this?

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2021.09.21 21:31 investing101 Nothing But Flexibility in Stock Allocations Can Stabilize the Economy

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2021.09.21 21:31 plainrane What exactly is every three days?

If my first dose is Saturday, when is the next dose? Tuesday?
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2021.09.21 21:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 21:31 Prestigious_Fault586 [Storm Chasers on Twitter] Stewie still rehabbing, hasn't been back to practice yet

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2021.09.21 21:31 Select_Copy_3612 Tips for new players?

I just started playing DayZ, what are the general rules of thumb. What should be the 1st priority in the game? I can't ever seem to find enough food to live more than 30-45 minutes it seems... and if I do I die from weather or unable to light a fire.
Lighting a fire... how the hell? I put sticks and logs into a fire place and then tried to use a lighter and matches and it wouldn't work.
Also, if I change servers is the character I was using on another sever not the one I use on the new one? New character for every server? Because I finally had a character with some loot and actually found a backpack and some cereal but then when I played again that character and all the stuff I had was gone.
I'm very confused. 😂
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2021.09.21 21:31 Canadian_Grown420 Modest Mouse - Dramamine (Alternative/Indie)

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2021.09.21 21:31 ProfessorPastaYT "I Have Been A Dental Nurse For 2 Years And This Was The Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen" CreepyPasta

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2021.09.21 21:31 MessageFast47 Mespirit raid, be online 6571 8493 6250

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2021.09.21 21:31 bakachamp You just skipped Donda Chant POV

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2021.09.21 21:31 whtevrIts2009 Here's hoping Rich Paul sees this one, kinda sucks for all involved- so you know it works. POR reducim redundancies n adds a bit more defense while swinging for the fences to prove to Lillard they're about it. Phi lets Embiid be an island in the post n play inside-out, 90's style. We slot Ben at PF

Here's hoping Rich Paul sees this one, kinda sucks for all involved- so you know it works. POR reducim redundancies n adds a bit more defense while swinging for the fences to prove to Lillard they're about it. Phi lets Embiid be an island in the post n play inside-out, 90's style. We slot Ben at PF submitted by whtevrIts2009 to rockets [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 21:31 Independent-Brush-50 my first ever painting (i usually use colored pencils). my dog candy in a cow hat! :)

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2021.09.21 21:31 No_Web_5807 Golden ADA | Just Launched | ADA Rewards | Super Team | Nice Marketing Plans | Next 100x Find out

Best rewarding coin that gives holders in $CARDANO every 1hr just by holding
The dev is highly experienced and has been responsible for a number of incredibly successful tokens on BSC. He applied all of his knowledge to this contract to ensure its 100% SAFU, rug proof and long lasting. Team seems solid and are handling the telegram community very well, I’m highly confident that this is going to absolutely moon!
This will be huge, game changing and we - as investors who have been scammed in the past - all are waiting for this to happen.
Big hype for this coin. Been trending on Dextools for days and hot pairs on coingecko
📊 Total Supply:- 1BILLION
🌟 7% Rewards ADA
🌟 2% Marketing
🌟 1% liquidity
⭐️ Ownership Renounce
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⭐️ Based Dev Team
⭐️ NFT'S
⭐️ LP Lock
Contract: 0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd29168fe5c59edc45802210eded1ead9a0c318c9
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a#readContract
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2021.09.21 21:31 DenseCod8975 To the moon

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2021.09.21 21:31 Cmpfrank117 My rankings of the FPS games I’ve played, thoughts?

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2021.09.21 21:31 ezcg Downtown Minneapolis, Minneosta.

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2021.09.21 21:31 TheIslamicRealist "Take the good and leave the bad" | Shaykh Rabee Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhali

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2021.09.21 21:31 ChewbaccaJones86 Question about AS, RA, and Anti-CPP

34F, and was referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist because of dry mouth and swollen tongue (with scalloped edges). The ENT ordered bloodwork for CBC, metabolic panel, vitamin B12 and folate, ANCA Profile, Sjogren's antibodies, T4 and TSH, Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme, and Rheumatoid Arthritis profile (Rheumatoid Factor and Anti-CPP). all negative/within reference range EXCEPT Anti-CPP, which is 74 units (reference range is 0-19, and 74 indicates strong positive). While I have the lab results, I am still waiting very patiently for the doctor to call me, and I am spiraling. I thought for sure that this was likely Rheumatoid Arthritis, but my pain is primarily in my lumbar region on the right side, and I have had previous flare-ups in my neck. Now I am nervous that it is ankylosing spondylitis, because it seems that this can also cause elevated Anti-CPP.
Does anybody have some insights about Anti-CPP and ankylosing spondylitis?
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