Are PS5s still hard to get? If so, is there really no way around this for someone else?

2021.09.21 22:35 gneah12 Are PS5s still hard to get? If so, is there really no way around this for someone else?

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2021.09.21 22:35 CactiGal Commission stress

I’ve been doing commissions for a while, but I’m always stressing over the fact that they might not turn out equally good!
I would say my art is pretty consistent, but with certain characters it can get difficult to make the shading look good, or make the markings fit my style. In the end, you have a drawing you spent a lot of time working on, but that you dislike.
Is it normal to not be happy with all commissions you’ve done? Even if you put in effort?
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2021.09.21 22:35 kc522020 I found the Dameon hits soldier video again.

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2021.09.21 22:35 Brune99 Amazing cover of "A letter to elise" (Blink versión)

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2021.09.21 22:35 MTLink Help Choosing a Blazblue CF Main Based on Other FG Character Mains?

Hey there all! A generous friend of mine, one who's looking for someone to actually play against in this game, but since we're both huge fans of Fighting Games it's all good. However, I find that I'm "clicking" with this game a lot less quickly than I have with games like Rev 2, Skullgirls, Strive and the like. So I was wondering if the people here could help me decide on a few characters to try based on the characters I play in other games?
Now, starting with the other ArcSys game I play, I'm pretty big into Guilty Gear, mainly Revalator 2 and Strive. When it comes to Rev, I mainly played Sin Kiske, Johnny, Sol Badguy, and a bit of Venom. When it comes to Strive, I generally enjoy Nagoriyuki, Sol, and Anji Mito. I know most characters are "aggressive," with even the projectile-heavy Venom having a rushdown style, but I do like having a bit of pressure in my play.
Beyond that, I tend to play Beowulf in Skullgirls, Ken and Nash in SFV, and besides that, I don't play as many other fighting games. Now, I'd appreciate any help that people are willing to offer, as well as any questions that may help me narrow it down. Thanks for your time!
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2021.09.21 22:35 killahamron If the Giants get 102 wins (they have 97 with 12 to go) they'll be the all-time Most Unexpectedly Successful team in history, according to ZiPS! Band of Misfits are at it again

If the Giants get 102 wins (they have 97 with 12 to go) they'll be the all-time Most Unexpectedly Successful team in history, according to ZiPS! Band of Misfits are at it again submitted by killahamron to baseball [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 22:35 sweetenertour [For Trade] Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Hot Pink & White Swirl UO Exclusive

impulse ordered a copy of gwen stefani’s “Love.Angel.Music.Baby.” UO hot pink and white swirl vinyl. love the pressing, but would trade it for any of my ISOs! it’s the fifteenth anniversary edition and limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.
ISO LIST: (things i would trade it for)
— melodrama blue — cry baby pink — speak now smoke — ultraviolence UO — honeymoon UO — lust for life UO — electra heart UO pink — fine line coke bottle
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2021.09.21 22:35 Kind_Reminder Calm LoFi Music | Chill While Listening To Fresh LoFi Beats

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2021.09.21 22:35 90Khaos Minecraft Bedrock Raid Farm

Hey guys, I builded up a Raid farm and got one issue. The dropping hole is 2x2 wide, but the Ravangers seem to big for the Hole. I used Silents Tutorial. Someone a easy way to fix this?
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2021.09.21 22:35 nabnig Someone at CTV News posted this. The woman pictured isn’t the murderer…

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2021.09.21 22:35 NewEnglandPrepper Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel for Explorer 160/240/500 - $153 (was $200)

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2021.09.21 22:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:35 HamishWarne Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina) 2 yellow cards in a row against Inter 78'

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2021.09.21 22:35 Exastiken WATCH: China's Xi Jinping promotes 'dialogue and cooperation' in U.N. speech

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2021.09.21 22:35 gnossos_p Peter Rose.... Where have I heard that name before?

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2021.09.21 22:35 findursol [USA] [H] DSi/360 System(s), Pokemon/Switch/Wii U/360/XBO/PS3/Vita/PC Game Lists, R4i Cart, Cases || [W] Nintendo Games/Accs, 2DS/3DS System & More

Up for trade, I have the following:

  1. Matte Black DSi System on Unlaunch 1.4.5 CFW Pics: Details: Very close to new condition, set up with brand-new 1.4.5 & Unlaunch CFW install. Holds a great charge, OEM battery & charger included as well as 3rd party ACWW stylus.
  2. Xbox 360 Slim 250GB System w/ Controller + All Cables & Accs Pics: Details: Like-new condition, freshly restored. Matte finish, OEM 250GB HDD, all cables/etc OEM/original as well. Controller is older elite style & not as mint as everything else but works fine. Ready to set up like new! Can connect you with a cheap n' reliable mod service if needed.
  3. Pokemon Game List (2 Total, ALL LOOSE!) Games: Silver (GBC) and FireRed (GBA) Pics: Details: Both play & save perfectly, carts in great albeit used condition (see pics).
  4. Switch Game List (6 Total, ALL CIB/DIG!) Games: New Pokemon Snap, L.A. Noire, FIFA 21, Burnout Paradise, Cuphead [Dig], Hotline Miami Cllct. [Dig] Pics: Details: All play perfectly, carts flawless, cases as well. Digital games unused.
  5. Wii U Game List (5 Total, ALL CIB!) Games: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, DK Country Tropical Freeze, Watch_Dogs, Lego City Undercover, Disney Infinity 3.0 Disc Pics: Details: All play perfectly, discs flawless, most cases are too.
  6. Xbox 360 Game List (16 Total, 15/16 CIB!) Games: L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto IV, Saint's Row 2, Saint's Row: The Third, Call of Duty: MW2, Payday 2, Halo 4, Rage Anarchy, NHL 08-15 Pics: Details: All play perfectly, discs flawless, most cases are too.
  7. Xbox One Game List (5 Total, ALL CIB!) Games: Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, NHL 19, NHL 18, NHL 17 Deluxe Ed Pics: Details: All play perfectly, discs flawless, most cases are too.
  8. PS3 Game List (3 Total, ALL LOOSE!) Games: Midnight Club LA, The Last of Us, Madden 16 Pics: Details: All play perfectly, no visible wear at all. Some kind of case included!
  9. Borderlands 2 Game Cart for Vita Pics: Details: Mint, Rarely Played! Loose Cartridge.
  10. Steam Game List (50+ Total, All Unused!) Details: Shooters, Fighters, RPGs, Indies & More -- Ask for Details!
  11. R4i 3DS WiFi ROM/Mod Game Cart w/ 32GB microSD Pics: Details: Mint, never reset, works in bunches of models! Already set up — plug n’ play!
  12. Empty Game Cases for 360/One/Switch/Wii u/PS3/PS4 Games: Star Wars TFU 360, Forza Horizon 360, Mafia 3 One, Deadrising 3 One, Lego HP Switch, Mario Kart 8 Wii U, Mario Party 10 Wii U, Madden PS3, Need for Speed PS4, Dragon Age PS4 Pics: Details: All are COMPLETE with everything they originally included, most all mint (see pics).
In exchange, I'm looking for the following:
  1. Switch Games [Lists: ME | GF] Only really after Mario & Pokemon Games + DKCTF & LM3 at this time, but pls view lists above
  2. Wii U Games Only looking for NFS Most Wanted U, COD Black Ops II, Kirby & The Rainbow Curse, Paper Mario Color Splash, Star Fox Zero, Nintendo Land, and LoZ Wind Waker HD at this time
  3. Wii Games Only looking for Super Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, DK Country Returns, Order Up, and NHL Slapshot at this time
  4. Switch & Wii U Pro Controller(s) Needs to be in at least very good condition, nothing significantly worn.
  5. Nintendo 3DS or 2DS Console/System Needs to be in at least very good condition, nothing significantly worn.
  6. Nintendo eShop + GameStop Gift Cards Smaller amounts are better, but anything is fine. Will look at Amazon and PSN too!
Pictured items not on the list above are no longer available. More than happy to trade multiple items either way and/or take/add a bit of cash to even out potential deals. USPS Shipping w/ Tracking included with every item. US Shipping or Local PA/CA Pickup ONLY. I have many accounts with positive feedback going back 5+ years and lots of transactions around here too.
Please feel free to leave a reply with any interest/inquiry, or for more photos. I can boot anything if you'd like, or provide current timestamps - thank you so much! :-)
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2021.09.21 22:34 ph1204 Seven of Nine + Doctor

How the hell did Seven end up with Chakotay? Why not the Doctor? Their chemistry was so much greater.
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2021.09.21 22:34 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Manchester City 6-1 Wycombe Wanderers - All Goals and Highlights 21/09/2021

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2021.09.21 22:34 Timeishere58 LPT: best tips for a hangover on a plane

I’m flying on Thursday and I already planned to go out tomorrow evening which probably means I’ll end up drinking.
What can I do to ease the pain and not feel sick? I have a layover and each flight is 1 hr 30
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2021.09.21 22:34 Lansed_148 Manual focus clutch

I would like to buy a lens to adapt to my mirrorless camera since they don't have the focal length I'm looking for natively. I was thinking about buying the old Sigma 150-600 for Canon EF or wait for a new one to come out for my system (it will be in 2022). And here it is my question: does it have a manual clutch which is electronically coupled or it's mechanical? More precisely, can I focus with the ring without mounting it on a camera with electronic contacts? I'm planning to use it for astrophotography and I will probably mount it also to a planetary camera and obviously in this situation it's not connected to any contact point. Thanks
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2021.09.21 22:34 eddiecurry Introducing ERB Commercial Insurance …

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2021.09.21 22:34 cleybaR Fullscreen not working properly on multiple monitors

So recently I noticed that my Mouse will just switch over to my second monitor. Switching between all options (fullscreen, windowed etc.) doesn't seem to do the trick.
If it isn't anything I could solve through Geforce Experience (any tips) I have to assume something might broke with the update? Hard to compare for me tho because I also switched hardware a few days ago.
Any input on the issue? I could use 3rd party apps like DMT to lock my mouse to a screen but I'd rather have it working proper.
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2021.09.21 22:34 Lachlion2 Not sure what type of mushroom this is. ID Please.

Not sure what type of mushroom this is. ID Please. submitted by Lachlion2 to mycology [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 22:34 Pastel_Darling Was gonna be satire but now I'm invested (OC)

Was gonna be satire but now I'm invested (OC) submitted by Pastel_Darling to Wattpad [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 22:34 PasteIIe Should I get a refurbished Wacom?

Hi! I'm a digital artist that does art as a hobby. I do commissions, but not sufficiently to be considered a part time job and make around 60 dollars a week from commissions.
Around April of this year was when I got into Digital Art, after not doing traditional art for 3 years (prior that, having done traditional art all my life). I found I had a huge learning curve as a result, being a rather well reversed traditional artist before taking my three year break. I was looking for something suitable for me to fallback on if my laptop ever died - and I didn't have a full PC setup then (only a laptop with okay-ish specs) so CSP and PS would be quite laggy for me even without any external monitor (or tablet) plugged in. After seeing how expensive a Wacom tablet was, I decided on an iPad Air (4th gen) - at 10.9 inches which was small and portable, and I also wanted to try out Procreate.
I don't plan on trying to make a career out of freelancing art, please bear this in mind, however art is a huge outlet for me as I work over 15 hours a day in work and university. Commissions are, mostly an excuse for me to draw without feeling like I'm wasting time (I'm textbook workaholic).
Recently, I tried out an XP-PEN tablet but had huge color calibration issues (the Artist 15.6). I was also really not used to the fact that I couldn't two finger tap to undo and three finger tap redo, as well as use my fingers to pinch and zoom out and whatelse. I got it in a whim to be honest, not really knowing how tablets worked and since it was only around 300 bucks, I was just looking for something to mess around with. I ended up refunding due to the fact that the colors couldn't get fixed no matter how much I tried to calibrate and reached out to tech support.
My main complaints about the XP-PEN 15.6 Artist tablet to be honest, other than the fact the colors were messed up, was the fact that it was difficult to adjust to gestures. Bear in mind, I had an open mind when I began trying it, and was very excited to begin using it - completing over 10 commissions on it. However, even after a week, I felt like I was taking too long to finish each thing, and felt like CSP (which is what I wanted to use) without touch gestures like Procreate was really a pain. When I decided to refund, I tried CSP on the iPad, and unlike my previous experiences, the fact that I learnt CSP fully on the PC really helped me get into CSP on the iPad. In retrospect, however, I really enjoyed the larger screen, the fact that I could stream easier without having to screenshare to my PC -> to twitch/any other platform I streamed on (unlike my iPad) and the fact that I could use my software from my computer. Having a second monitor was a 50/50 thing: I really liked having a second monitor, but I really didn't like how much space it took (as it would be lying horizontally at an angle most of the time and I didn't get a stand that allowed me to vertically put it).
So now after having this tablet experience, I have decided that I want to get a Wacom tablet as I believe Cintiq Pros have touchscreen. I'm currently looking at a Cintiq Pro 16, but I know for a fact shortcut gestures probably won't work the same way as Procreate / iPad apps do.
So a summary:
Pros of getting a Wacom Tablet:
- (Significantly) Bigger Screen
- Can use already bought software (CSP EX, Photoshop, etc). Using CSP in the iPad requires a subscription
- The price is relatively low due to its refurbished state (around 700 USD after shipping)
- Touchscreen capabilities which was one of my complaints of an XP-PEN tablet; no need to get used to express / shortcut keys
- Stream easier
- Color calibration is probably more accurate than any cheaper brand such as XP-PEN or HUION
Cons of getting a Wacom Tablet:
- Despite the low price, it is still a price I probably will never make back in commissions. I'm also a student so this price is pretty hefty for me.
- Despite being touch screen it probably won't retain the gestures I'd like (after doing some research I think you can't change the 2 finger tap gesture)
- Non-refundable due to refurbished state
- Cintiq 16 Pro has been out for almost 5 years now. Whilst Wacom does have a good track record of backwards compatibility and continued use (I have friends who've gotten tablets from Wacom that they've used 8+ years), 5 years is still a long time.
- Basically 0 portability in comparison to an iPad

You could also ask, but why not just get an iPad Pro? Well, back when I got my iPad Air, the new iPad Pro (2021) didn't come out yet. I also considered doing so through trade-in, but the price of a new iPad Pro 12.9 in - the amount that I'd get back from a trade-in would be more than the price of the Wacom Tablet probably. I could also probably sell my iPad Air for more than trade-in price, however I no longer have the box (but the condition is excellent as I have not used it for long, and have not a single scratch) - but it would be rather effortful. It would also virtually only be 2 inches difference, and it doesn't solve the lack of stream capability, and the fact that I still have to pay a hefty price subscription to draw on CSP, etc.
I've also tried using applications that allow me to use my iPad as a drawing tablet attached to Photoshop or whatnot such as Duet Display, but I've experienced that it's extremely laggy; and the tiny 10.9 inch screen streaming my 24 inch monitor really just isn't a fun time to be honest.
Any advice appreciated.
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