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2021.09.21 21:34 SadBoiHusky Online DND LFG

Hi, im Duuk. Me and my friend are trying to join a dnd group if anyone is down to let us in. Im in the Netherlands hes in the us but he is fine with afternoons for the fellow europeans(CET). We are just looking for a long Running homebrew(eventually maybe level 20??) . Im quite inexperienced, i got to a level 3 druid (my group just stopped talking. My friend has done a few campaigns. Got the basic knowledge. I on the other hand might need a bit of help with somethings but i learn quite quickly.
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2021.09.21 21:34 justducksandnoluck Whole thing split open

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2021.09.21 21:34 newsdk Godt tilbud: Arbejd fire dage i ugen til fuld løn

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2021.09.21 21:34 newsdk Hestemishandler har muligvis været i gang i årevis

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2021.09.21 21:34 PixelPaige360 Need help with toppings farming

So I've started CRK a week ago and pretty much learnt the basics and even started looking up toppings and such to make the best out of my team. And so I have started looking up tips to grind for specific toppings and of course stumbled upon the toppings farming sheets. However here's the problem I'm facing: despite me going to the levels to grind for toppings, all I get is EXP, coins and topping pieces, but no actual toppings. I tried looking up for an explanation but couldn't find any. Is it a "drops once a day" type of thing or am I just being a beginner who still needs to learn more of the game?
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2021.09.21 21:34 DanielHardinmusic_ I made a sub dedicated to the art of inlay! It’s called r/inlayart and I’d love for you to join us! This is my rose I did. It was my first attempt at something of this size. Stone in rosewood.

I made a sub dedicated to the art of inlay! It’s called inlayart and I’d love for you to join us! This is my rose I did. It was my first attempt at something of this size. Stone in rosewood. submitted by DanielHardinmusic_ to woodworking [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 21:34 ki2s1iskdd A conscious decision to procrastinate

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2021.09.21 21:34 Meme_Lord_420_ What will look back in 50 years from now and can't believe that we allowed that to happen?

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2021.09.21 21:34 matias2028 The 10 oldest actors to be nominated for the Oscar for best actor adding Anthony Hopkins

1 - Anthony Hopkins (December 31, 1937-March 15, 2021) - The Father (2020) - 83 years, 2 months and 12 days
2 - Richard Fansworth (September 1, 1920-February 15, 2000) - The Straight Story (1999) - 79 years, 5 months and 14 days
3 - Bruce Dern (June 6, 1936-January 16, 2014) - Nebraska (2013) - 77 years, 7 months and 10 days
4 - Henry Fonda (May 16, 1905-March 29, 1982) - On Golden Pond (1981) - 76 years, 10 months and 13 days
5 - Clint Eastwood (May 31, 1930-January 25, 2005) - Million Dollar Baby (2004) - 74 years, 7 months and 25 days
6 - Peter O'Toole (August 2, 1932-January 23, 2007) - Venus (2006) - 74 years, 5 months and 21 days
7 - Morgan Freeman (June 1, 1937-February 2, 2010) - Invictus (2009) - 72 years, 8 months and 1 day
8 - Jonathan Pryce (June 1, 1947-January 13, 2020) - The 2 Popes (2019) - 72 years, 7 months and 12 days
9 - Laurence Olivier (May 22, 1907-February 20, 1979) - The Boys from Brazil (1978) - 71 years, 8 months and 29 days
10 - Frank Langella (January 1, 1938-January 22, 2009) - Frost/Nixon (2008) - 71 years and 21 days
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2021.09.21 21:34 Zavarakatranemi How can I/we confront one of our friends about his girlfriend's constant mentions and combativeness about her race?

Super touchy subject below, of which I have little experience hence need advice, please tread carefully.
Our friend group comprises of 4 girls (Caucasian American, African American, German, Greek/Italian), and 5 guys (2 Caucasian Americans (one of which is the friend in question "Kieran"), African American, Argentinian, Australian, and Japanese). We are all aged 28-34, and met via college and video games 5-6 years ago. "Why do we need to know your ethnicities/race" you ask.Kindly let me explain.
"Kieran" has been in a relationship with "Brandy" for over 3 years, recently got engaged. Our group of friends is always happy to hang out with people's SOs and welcome them into our group (2 couples in the group), but we didn't meet her until a few months back. He told us it was a mutual decision, they wanted to have their own friends groups separate from one another in case it didn't work out between them, and we were totally cool with that.
When Kieran slowly started bringing Brandy around to hang out with us, within the first hour of us meeting her, we all had more or less formed similar opinions: Brandy is smart, funny, talented, helpful, hard working (nurse), she loves Kieran very much... and she has a massive chip on her shoulder regarding her race. That in and of itself can be pretty cringe, but she is also making it an issue if anyone disagrees with her. "As a Black person/woman" is an expression that we heard WAY too much during those first hours, and it really hasn't let up.
Even more bizarrely, it is about the most mundane of topics, such as what painkillers we take, which grocery shop to go to, what is the best movie villain etc. These are literally some of the topics where she brought her race up, and made it the issue/topic instead. When we would ask what she meant, she would get either haughty or upset and respond either aggressively or condescendingly with "This is my experience as a black person, which you wouldn't understand, but you have no right to erase it". When any of us disagrees with her on ANYTHING, she resorts to calling us "oh is that so, white girl/white boy?", like... girl what does my skin color have to do with the ethics of veganism, or how I take my coffee in the morning?!
Given that we are a super ethnically mixed group, we all get that our backgrounds, cultures, and experiences vary greatly. We also understand that given the racial tensions (i.e. atrocities and injustices) in the US, especially during the last administration, African Americans are feeling unheard and invisible, so when she is talking about an actual racially charged experience, we are all eager to listen. But this is all. the. time, and we are tired of not being able to have a normal disagreement with someone without being called racist or accused of erasing her opinion because of her skin color, especially since most of us aren't even from the US, and have our own "experiences" and "cultures" that have shaped who we are.
As a group, we call each other out on our bullshit, but we don't know how to navigate this. Kieran had admitted to us that she doesn't really like hanging out with non-black people, because "they don't get it". When we asked him how did the two of them end up together, he doesn't have a good answer. When we tried telling him that he needs to address this with her, he told us he doesn't know how without triggering her, and he will never hear the end of it.
But as I said above, for the brief intervals when her race isn't the focus, Brandy is awesome: smart, funny, nerdy, helpful etc. When I had some issues with my stomach and Kieran mentioned it to her, she immediately DMed me and offered her help. She tagged along and helped our Man from Japan move houses. She buys drinks when it's her turn... like, she's a cool lady.
So, how do we address this, how do we go from here?
TL;DR Friend's girlfriend is pretty nice, but brings her race in at random times during a conversation, which is then turned into an argument.
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2021.09.21 21:34 ral365 James gets a brand new axe prop...and then this happens.

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2021.09.21 21:34 FantasyMod 2021 Accuracy Challenge Week 2 Results

Week 1 Results The results are in! Congratulations to fritothedog for winning Week 1!
fritothedog won with 14 out of 15 answers correct. Below are the Top 10. You will all be getting flair for the rest of the season to commemorate your performance!

Place Username Score Tiebreaker Difference
1 fritothedog 14 46
2 ATastyRutabaga 13 10
2 NoPantsRandall 13 10
4 The_Don_Giggity 13 12
5 shouldbedoingwork 13 15
6 coocookapikachu 13 16
7 thisisandrew 13 31
8 uhhhben 12 4
9 CorbinG 12 13
10 JEScotty 12 17
Prizes The winner of each week will receive:
The remaining Top 10 will receive flair noting their top 10 performance for the week.
Questions thrown out inactive player(s) in bold
Cumulative Results
Note the tie breaker is not included in the cumulative results as it is only used for purposes of determining the winner of the weekly prize from
What is this? How do I play? Check the announcement post for full details!
FantasyPros organizes advice from 100+ fantasy experts all in one spot. Quickly get consensus opinions from your favorite experts or the ones who have been rated as the most accurate over time. With My Playbook, you can import your team in seconds to get advice specifically tailored to your squad The weekly advice includes Start/Sit picks, suggested Waiver Pickups, Trade help, and news & notes for your players.
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2021.09.21 21:34 RIecTraN Don't mess with an Ent

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2021.09.21 21:34 dprinbvnvbn 💎 New Gem Alert! 🚨 Gonewild ($GONEWILD) Private Sale ROUND 2 is Live Now! 🚨 Get in now and see 1000X returns! | Doxxed Team and 100% SAFE

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2021.09.21 21:34 TheCuriousTarget Gardening and staying cool!

I'm always soaking wet because it is so hot and muggy in this town, so I had a good idea. I wrapped freezer pops in a t-shirt and tied it around my neck and wrapped another in a washcloth and stuck it in my sports bra. It probably looks super weird but it really worked well!
At least it's finally been getting into the 70s at night. Wish I'd figured it out sooner.
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2021.09.21 21:34 MrBlack95 6x Duschdas 2-in-1 Noire voor €4,98

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2021.09.21 21:34 No_Web_5807 Golden ADA | Just Launched | ADA Rewards | Super Team | Nice Marketing Plans | Next 100x Find out

Best rewarding coin that gives holders in $CARDANO every 1hr just by holding
The dev is highly experienced and has been responsible for a number of incredibly successful tokens on BSC. He applied all of his knowledge to this contract to ensure its 100% SAFU, rug proof and long lasting. Team seems solid and are handling the telegram community very well, I’m highly confident that this is going to absolutely moon!
This will be huge, game changing and we - as investors who have been scammed in the past - all are waiting for this to happen.
Big hype for this coin. Been trending on Dextools for days and hot pairs on coingecko
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Contract: 0x8485e9eb2e7f9ad0b28472128446398a66dffa0a
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Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.21 21:34 drecycle1996 Algorand description updated on coinbase!

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2021.09.21 21:34 IAmALucianMain 2 years ago today

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2021.09.21 21:34 nikeheart Scared, hurt and confused

I truly never thought I would be here today. I found out last Friday (the 17th) that my boyfriend of two years cheated on me (emotionally). He was seeking sexual gratification from people on Reddit from our city. I only found out because he left his phone on the kitchen table and I saw a notification from r for r pop up. Not only did he ask a woman “are you still seeking a fwb?” But he was also connecting with a man from a subreddit that was for men seeking other men for mutual masturbation. I confronted him right away and he immediately came clean, and showed me the messages. He said he had no intentions of things turning physical. His reason for doing it was because he wanted to feel wanted (which confused me because we were intimate the evening before and I always make the moves on him/send him photos) and he has been feeling bored with porn. I think he liked the kink aspect of it, however, that I will never know. This is also his first time cheating on a partner, but why did it have to be me? Only he holds the key to the truth. He has been very remorseful and is telling me that he will do whatever it takes to win my trust back, but my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. I thought he was my forever and I’ll never understand why he choose this decision. I am going to therapy starting October 1st and he said he will join me. I haven’t talked to any friends or family about this because he wants to try and work through it together (and obviously not have people think differently/less of him). I’m just very hurt and confused, and could use some advice to help me heal. He’s working in another city until Friday and I’ve texted him today telling him that it’s best we don’t communicate for the remainder of the week so that I can take time for myself. What would you do if you were in my shoes, Reddit? Is something like this reparable? I just feel so lost. Thank you.
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2021.09.21 21:34 Weary-Ad-8214 Got a new knife. Crkt spew.

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2021.09.21 21:34 Lobster500 I cant find the config files for quark for servers

Title says it all. I am looking to see what options are available in the config file and I cant find it for the life of me. I have looked in config, defaultconfigs, and serverconfigs(in the world folder). Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.21 21:34 SOHellKite Wip of the stormbloods.

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2021.09.21 21:34 suzicaliq Anyone gone on Zoloft during the third trimester?

I just saw my doctor today and got put on Zoloft. I’ve been really struggling this pregnancy and having a 3 year old constantly pushing my buttons isn’t helping either.
Anyone have experience starting an antidepressant later in pregnancy?
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2021.09.21 21:34 RoundSparrow YouTube links now broken on playing time-indexed start time. Only works if you click off-site link and not in-page Reddit frame

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