Waiver Stacks

2021.09.21 22:24 AaronDer1357 Waiver Stacks

Things haven't gone to plan for many Fantasy Footballers after 2 weeks. I was thinking about lighting a fire for teams by trying to pick up a QB and a WTE from the same team to stack. I wanted to get a list of highly available QBs along with position players on the same team to do this. I'm seeing BridgewatePatrick and CarRuggs. Are there any other stacks available that you believe could reignite a fantasy team off to a slow start? Maybe Jones/Slayton or Wilson/Moore or Ryan/Patterson?
If you think of others I'd love to get a list going and would also like to see of the available stacks which you believe is worth the risk taking a shot with
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2021.09.21 22:24 cannibalwendy [AEW] In anticipation of AEW’s largest attendance in history, we encourage fans to take MASS TRANSIT & arrive early to avoid lines for AEW Dynamite: GRAND SLAM at Arthur Ashe Stadium this Wednesday, gates open at 5:30pm.

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2021.09.21 22:24 bob_the_lego_builder What to do with extra storage space on SSD?

My RPi4 is booting off a 240gb SSD. I just checked and I'm only using 4gb of the available 219gb. It feels like such a waste of extra storage. Any ideas on how I should best utilize the remaining space?
Would it be possible to use it as a NAS or are there security concerns since it is exposed to the internet?
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2021.09.21 22:24 Dodinho_DW Today there will be no game!!

Today there will be no game!!
this is my cat, the name of is Holder
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2021.09.21 22:24 FromMyHead_ToMyToes Children’s book- tea with the queen

This is a children’s book I read years ago, I’ll give what I can remember but it could be wrong!
A boy gets on a train with some people (maybe guards?) to go for tea with the queen, but on the way there they stop to take honey from bears and other things from different animals etc., because they want to take it to the queen. However near the end the boy decided it’s wrong to take it all and leave the animals with nothing so he steals it all back and returns it to them.
If anyone could help me with this I’d be so grateful, it’s been bugging me for years!
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2021.09.21 22:24 doctor_iggy (WTS) Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 M5C3 FFP CCH Reticle with ARC 35mm Mount (TX)

This setup is in pristine, excellent condition! Absolutely ready for hunting season and any lightweight bolt gun (or AR).
Will come with the original box, caps and sun shade. Scope is in millradian and the reticle is non-illuminated.
$2100 shipped
Mark 5HD
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2021.09.21 22:24 Chad_Thundermember About the College of Winterhold

I've never done magic in Skyrim in like... Ever. But this current playthrough of mine is unique in the sense that I really play him unrestricted. I just have some questions about the College of Winterhold questline...
Is it about the same length as the others? And by "others", I mean Companion's, Civil War, Thieves', Dark Brotherhood, and the Main Dragon questline.
What is the minimum amount of magicka does my character need in order to beat it all? I've never invested a single point to my magicka in all my progress and I do wonder if buying gear that boosts max magicka or potions that boost max magicka would suffice.
Is it fun? What do you think of it in general?
End question...
I'm gaining more appreciation for this game's College of Winterhold because I'm a college student myself and know the struggle of aiming for good grades. I hope my experience with Winterhold will reflect my real life struggles. That would make me fall in love with this game even further.
Many thanks, folks.
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2021.09.21 22:24 working-lunch-pdf Hammergeil!

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2021.09.21 22:24 No_Significance_5731 Don't know what to do with? Help🙊

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2021.09.21 22:24 Ok_Cloud7516 [METFORMIN ADVICE] CBD oil works!

Hi all, just thought I would give you all the heads up that if you're struggling with nausea / no appetite when you first start Metformin, I've found CBD oil to be amazing at combatting these symptoms. I don't feel 100% but certainly do feel a lot better with it than without it! I take two drops of 1200mg CBD twice a day (once I start to feel the nausea after taking the pill). I'm taking Metformin twice a day, 500mg each. Hope this helps others! I really want to get past this first month despite the side effects :)
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2021.09.21 22:24 SJ_Williams The Suicide Squad - The Art of Costume Blogcast Ep.13

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2021.09.21 22:24 B-Sherb [A3][Recruiting][Merge<][NA/EST] Global Security Coalition

Who we are
We are the Global Security Coalition, or the GSC. We’re a group that’s based on having a nice bit of realism during our formal operations, but tons of fun throughout. Whilst primarily an ArmA 3 community, there are also many other games we play. It’s semi-realism, so we use mods like ACE3 and ACRE2, while having a blast in a set of missions that are tailor-made for us.
We currently have a roster of roughly 30+ members, and are looking to see plenty more awesome people come join us to have a fun experience.
Our Operations
We play every Monday, and occasionally Saturday at 7PM EST, as well as combined operations with a sister Russian unit. In addition, we sometimes run ambient missions, such as Liberation or Hearts & Minds between operations. We are a fairly world-wide community, with members from mainly North America, but a few from Europe and Australia as well!
CCO We are also one of the many groups that participate in the Combined Community Operations. Several major communities including ours gather together to build and run an operation, and its truly an interesting experience, with players from Germany, Turkey, North America, and Australia all joining in on the same server!
Our Systems
Modpack updates are provided every Monday, post-operation, with updates from the developmental builds of great mods such as CUP, RHS, ACE3, and ACRE2. We use HTML files for said updates (through the Arma Launcher).
Our Requirements
· We expect a mature audience. Minimum age is 18.
· Join our discord and talk to a staff member.
· Have a microphone, ArmA 3, and be comfortable in the English Language
What we’re looking for:
We’re looking for anyone interested in light-milsim in ArmA 3. We do not offer any “formal training”, but will teach any new players all the basics and advanced stuff one needs to learn regarding ArmA, ACE3, ACRE2, and operating in general!
Reach Us
Discord: https://discord.gg/YN7eKGSwAR
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2021.09.21 22:24 AMC4life__ Been holding till life changing figures once in a lifetime all I’ll say 💯❤️🚀

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2021.09.21 22:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:24 chosetec I drew instructions for the Eastern Dragon.

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2021.09.21 22:24 JM-BSRC Bite block and proned pt

Hey y’all, I was curious if there was a way to have some type of bite block on a proned pt. I know there is normal bite blocks but I worry about that pressure being on their tongue. Does anyone have any suggestions for a substitute?
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2021.09.21 22:24 Sickshredda Are platforms built on Algorand susceptible to "attacks" like this?

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2021.09.21 22:24 meowmir420 Is it normal for a new dermal piercing to be loose/wiggly?

When I go to touch it it feels like it’s going to fall out because I can wiggle it back and forth easily. I’m just hoping that this is normal?
Once it heals more will it feel more solid/less movable?
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2021.09.21 22:24 dunkin1980 First Entry to the Amazon Jungle - Up Close + Personal

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2021.09.21 22:24 ComprehensiveHead915 Hello, I write stories as a hobby. Please tell me what you think about this story I wrote.

It's only an introduction of a Sci-Fi story, which is the first story I ever wrote. I want to know your opinion on it. Please be honest and be as detailed as you can. Thank you and enjoy!

“Today we will make our final journey to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. What will lie upon us as we get closer and closer to the insides of the Supermassive Black Hole? Nobody knows. Not even the biggest minds on our planet has ever found out since nobody has ever been there. What is for sure, is that we will be the only ones who will see what’s inside it. Nobody else will know what will happen there nor what will happen to us.
Some people have suggested that inside a Black Hole lies everything we’ve ever seen in the same time as nothing. Many people will say that it’ll completely tears us apart and we won’t even realize that we’re already dead! But I believe that in it lies the most important answers of the universe, of the world and humanity, and now is the opportunity to finally find out”.
This speech was made at Cape Canaveral in front of a very excited public on July 20th 2075 by captain Johns, who has the most confidence in the mission. It was yet still a very warm afternoon as behind captain Johns, the sun was setting down. They were outside at the observation spot where all the launches are observed by the public. Many cameramen, journalists and photographers were there witnessing history in the making. Beside him was his childhood friend, Mark, who was very proud of the Captains success of going so far in his life. Mark was thinking about every life journey that they’ve been together trough. The good ones as well the bad and the tragic ones.
He and Mark have met in school and been friends since then. They’ve gone together through school, high school and college. One could say they were best friends and that’s because they were. The captains speech was heard by billions of people around the globe as he on that Friday afternoon said his words in regards to the mission. They all felt proud of his courage and of humanity itself. They felt proud of the Captain because he had the guts to do what nobody has. They felt pride on humanity since because of this mission they could find out the meaning of everything. It would be an answer to all of those thousand of questions that have been asked since the ability of MAN to speak, an answer to which many people died not knowing, an answer for humanity….
The rocket was to be launched at Cape Canaveral on July 27th, one week from that day. That rocket however would not take them to the center of the Universe… That rocket which will take them there was build in space. All the components of it were launched from earth over many years and the rocket itself was built with great care. It was the most advanced machine ever to exist throughout history, costing up to 50 trillion dollars… In the mission is all humanity involved since they all helped in the building with money. The rocket was called Discovery, since it would be the first to try to advance into the depths of the unknown, the depths of the unseen, the depths where the answer to our thirst for knowledge lies. As for the launch; there were still lots of preparations to be made. One of each steps must be proceeded in a perfect manner, nobody would want for something horrible to happen after all the work by thousands of engineers and scientists, that went into this mission.
After delivering the important message to humanity, the captain Harry Johns was asked dozens of questions by journalists, which he calmly answered and with his usual charismatic attitude answered.
“Captain Johns, How long will this Journey last?” “It will takes us 40 years if the mechanism works perfectly to get there” That mechanism was in development for 25 years by the most brilliant scientists in the world. With it’s help the crew will be able to travel to the BLACK HOLE in only 40 years. With its help, Discovery will be able to go 625 times faster than the Speed Of Light.
“Captain Johns, could you tell us how many more people will go with you?” “The crew is formed by 7 people in total - Me, Michael Volksberg, who’s the flight officer, John Peters, who’s the Safety Official. Robert Cernan, Peter Roberts, Conney Dolliers and Michelle Neuberg are the flight scientists and engineers of this flight” “Thank you!” the journalist answered.
This crew was selected from thousands of volunteers to go on the most important journey of humanity….
Many more questions we’re asked which Harry was able to answer in a very kind and peaceful voice. Many people loved his charismatic attitude. This attitude he teached himself, as he found out that usually, when someone is kind to the world, the world is kind to him. He went like this for most of his years, being very kind and honest about things in life, despite going through the biggest difficulties he could face. His friend Mark found that this was his biggest power on other people. That’s one of the reasons why they’re still friends today…
The Captain left the spot and went inside the Space Center to receive more training training as Mark decided to wait him. The Preparations were much easier to perform each time for the Captain, since he was getting used to them. It was time to leave at 8:25 PM when he said goodbye to everybody and went home. In the car Mark asked him in a slightly angry voice “What took You so long?” Harry answered: “Well, what were you expecting? I told you it’ll take some time…” Mark: “You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought you were joking. Right after that speech they made you go through that training for 2 hours? On a friday?” The Captain: “Now listen, if you were in my place you couldn’t just complain like that. I don’t think you have any idea how irritating it would be for everyone. Anyways, how about this? What if we’d watch a movie?” Mark: “ I don’t know, I got very tired today…” “Well, then I guess we should go home” “OK” A time has passed in the car. They we’re almost arriving to the hotel they arranged. Mark exclaimed in a very comical voice “Ok, Captain Harry, we’re almost on our destination” Harry exclaimed: “Quit it with that stupid voice. It’s trully annoying” “Hey, you don’t have to listen to my dumbness, your honor. “ Just shut up already” During their stupid chatter they just arrived to the parking lot and got out. Mark continued his crappy commentary about Harry as he walked away from him in a very bored manner, as he’s had enough of him. But good friends have their own figths. They have known each other for the most of their lives. They know everything about each other, so it isn’t surprising that they fight almost all the time. They arrived to their hotel room. That room that an old style to it, looking as if it was from an older era. Harry used to love things like that, although Mark thought it was just an old piece of crap. As they were both started to settle down in the room, Mark asked with an ironic voice: “You couldn’t have picked a better hotel now, could you?” “I don’t think you’re aware of the beauty of this place.” Harry responded in a judging voice. “What do you mean?” Asked Mark while looking confused and at the same time angry at him. “It resembles older times which I wish I could’ve lived. It’s a great way to experience this old historical objects this way, It’s better than looking at paintings or watching movies. This way you have an idea of our past right in front you.” As Mark looked confused at him he started to smile suddenly, almost as if he wanted to burst out laughing but not really doing so. “So that’s why you love visiting the museum so much?” He said that while having somewhat of an evil smirk on his face. “Well, yes. The thing is that you don’t enjoy it the way I do because you don’t see it the way I do.” At this point Harry started smiling too.
Mark felt the need to focus on something else and said “Hey why don’t I turn on the TV and see if they’re talking about you and your mission on the news?” Harry already knew he was going to change the subject since Mark is a person, who likes talking more than actually thinking. He responded “I don’t know, Mark, I think I will get some rest. Tomorrow there are still preparations to be made for the mission. I’m going to change now and then I’m going to bed.” They both changed and went to each ones antique beds, yet Mark staid up a little longer watching Television. Before Harry completely fell asleep Mark exclaimed: “Good Night and stay safe”. To which Harry answered: “You too, my great pal, you too”.
It was the next day, July 21st. On this day, both Mark and Harry have planned to watch one of the movies that they’ve never seen before, since this might be the last week they’ll ever see each other.
Harry has already woken up at 7 am, while Mark was still sleeping. Harry was having his usual morning routine. Eating some oatmeal with coconut oil and drinking a cup of coffee with cinnamon. While he was having his coffee, he was also reading the newspaper, which he requested to his room. His name was in the front page, and it was so in newspapers from other 56 countries. He felt very moved by the fact that someone so young as him has become so famous. Yet it has also crossed his mind that the fact that he’s so young might have been the reason why they decided to send him there along with his crewmembers, who were also young. Harry was only 31. Mark was only 4 months older than him. “This will be a suicide mission” his mind started wondering about the reasons why they send him there. “Is it an experiment by the United States government?” He started feeling worse since this thought was leading to other thoughts, to other questions… “What do they want to do with us?” “They definitely want to do us a lot of harm!” “They want to use us as test dummies to find out what happens if we go into a back hole!” Suddenly the amount of thoughts about the mission were so many that he started a very strange feeling of sudden dizziness. These feelings lasted a fraction of a second and occurred every 4 seconds. “I can’t sacrifice myself to them” At this point he wasn’t thinking about it, he was saying it. “Everything is spinning around me, what’s going on” The world as he saw it started bending around in different forms and colors. The feeling of the short dizyness occurred now every second and it was getting worse. He was seeing the entire world shifting size, forms and colors until he heard: “Harry!” He immediately recognized the voice of Mark. “Mark! What’s happening? Where are you?” “Harry!” The voice of Mark sounded distanced from Harry, as if he was screaming from the other side of a football field. “Mark! What’s happening?” Suddenly the quick dizziness felt much worse. It felt so bad that he couldn’t think anything until suddenly he heard the voice of Mark much clearer then ever. He woke up… Mark was sitting close to him, he was trying to shake him and scream at him to wake up. He kept repeating: “It was just a nightmare! Finally you woke up!” Harry rolled of his bed and stood up , being completely sweaty and shaking, as if he had seen something out of this world… Mark tried to calm him down. “It was just a dream, try to calm down. Just sit down and let me bring you some water” While Mark was after a glass of water Harry tried to sit down and think about what happened. “I can’t remember anything” He felt very relieved that it was just a dream. He thought it was the worst dream he ever had, even if he couldn’t remember any of it, because what he remembered is the horrible feeling of fear, paranoia and confusion he experienced. Mark returned with the glass of water, which Harry drank quickly.
“Now tell me what happened.” Mark had an expression of fear, even if he was curious about the dream. “I can’t remember anything, only the horrible things that I felt.” “And what did you feel exactly?” “I felt extremely scared.” Harry remained silent after that, like he didn’t want to continue talking whilst staring into his now empty glass. Mark decided it was time to live him alone for some minutes and told him that he must go and finish preparing the coffee which was heating up. He told Harry to just lie down and try to relax and that he’ll bring him a cup of coffee. Mark left while Harry lied down, like he told him. In the kitchen Mark was wondering about what kind of a disturbing did Harry have since he has been calling his name for a half an hour while he was asleep. He had not even a clue of what he could’ve been dreaming. The coffee was ready and he brought one cup to Harry. “How do you feel now?” Harry asked. “I’m tired a little bit” “This coffee will wake you up” They both drank coffee and didn’t said too much to each other that morning.
The rest of the day went by normally. Even if they went to the movie theater to watch a movie, Harry still wasn’t able to remember that horrible dream. In the afternoon they both went to the Cape Canaveral. Harry went to train and get more preaparations done for the final lauch while Mark went there to visit the Cape once more. After Harry was done there they went to the hotel.
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2021.09.21 22:24 JUJUUSA Is Moonpay or Simplex better to use to buy Smartchain BNB?

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2021.09.21 22:24 ThatKid771 What are better your 20’s or your 30’s?

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2021.09.21 22:24 Whole_Bother_1606 Help with upgrade

I'm trying to make it so that if you buy an upgrade there will be a 50% chance it will unlock other upgrades. But I don't know how to unlock an upgrade from another upgrade or set a global variable. Please help
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2021.09.21 22:24 Michellekinz My Lil Otter Pup Myrtle says Hello Everyone. Hope your having a great day!!

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2021.09.21 22:24 qudop AP Calculus BC Mod 2 DBA

Hey, anyone have advice for the Mod 2 DBA? Obviously I don’t need the questions, but still. AB students can reply as well since all our modules are the same except for 9 and 10. Thank you!
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