I don't how some people are only just now figuring out what they're gonna be for Halloween

I'm going to break up with her, I feel stupid for staying with her this long and for not figuring out this stuff sooner. I'm gonna stay with my brother and clear my head then i'll talk to my friend. I think I might be gay cause I really can't imagine being with a girl again being with a guy excited me in a way that girls never have. Figuring there's no point dressing up now since you're just going to change out of these clothes later, you quickly check to make sure your shirt doesn't have any obvious stains on it, give your hair a quick once-over, then head out your front door on foot. This Is Just Some Songs. We made you a mixtape. Don't make a big deal out of it or anything. 745. Aug. 27, 2021. Getting Out. People trying to escape all kinds of seemingly impossible situations. 744. ... People figuring out how to grieve, and doing a pretty good job of it. 737. May 14, 2021. “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, The Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon [October 20] for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime ... Following is our collection of funny Weird jokes.There are some weird uncanny jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. The latest news in entertainment from USA TODAY, including pop culture, celebrities, movies, music, books and TV reviews. This week we hear from superintendents across the state about what the biggest challenges and opportunities our schools and students face this year. This week's guests: Dr. Anthony Jackson ... And that Bailey just may hold the key to figuring out Owen’s true identity—and why he really disappeared. Hannah and Bailey set out to discover the truth. But as they start putting together the pieces of Owen’s past, they soon realize they’re also building a new future—one neither of them could have anticipated. Now, take down the strips and measure the exact distance between the holes. Subtract this distance from 6' (not 8', unless you don't want the entrance platform), halve the remainder, and make a mark this distance away from one end of your 2×8. Drill a 3/4" hole in the middle of the board. Make another mark using the between-the-holes measurement . Working in customer service has its ups and downs. Said no one ever. These jobs test the very limits of how much bullsh*t can a person take with a smile on his face, and what better way to get through it than turn to reddit and relate to the people that are tortured the same way.

2021.10.24 07:27 MarxistMommyMilkers I don't how some people are only just now figuring out what they're gonna be for Halloween

I've had most of my costume ready since September and a few days ago I got everything else I needed
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2021.10.24 07:27 Funzoi Youtube Mobile no Comments

Hey, so I use youtube mobile on a pretty regular basis. However, I can't see or type comments in the comment section. Does anyone have a fix?
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2021.10.24 07:27 MikulasVanousek How to get rind of feed in my phone?

Breaking social media addiction for me has one key component - getting rid of the feed. This is easy enough on your computer - you just install a feed blocking extension in your browser. But on your phone, the situation is more difficult. The web extensions do no work in mobile browsers, and the apps just have too much useful functionality besides feed.
For example, spontaneously connecting (with people you meet IRL) on social media is very hard to do if you do not have the apps installed. I also need to post from time to time (to promote new episodes of my podcast, etc.). If you do not have the app installed, it becomes so much more difficult.
I always end up installing the apps on my phone for those reasons. I tell myself I will manage to ignore the feed and then end up relapsing a couple of weeks/moths later.
Do you have similar experience? I have not found an app that would help people quit social media by getting rid of the feed while being able to post, search other people etc. Do you know such an app? Do you think there is a need for one?
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2021.10.24 07:27 njinja10 There was an attempt to test

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2021.10.24 07:27 Weak_Relief_2841 [ casio ] help me decide my first casio cheapie.

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2021.10.24 07:27 tall_meme_cactus Netflix & chill becomes Squid Game & Squirt

Netflix & Chill is so overused that I have come up with another cool way to sexualise a streaming evening at home. On top of that I believe it puts the focus on women as the sexual term is clearly putting the female pleasure before the manly pleasure. I await your comments and opinions…
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2021.10.24 07:27 Immediate_Toe_4973 Mega Shiba | Launching Now 🔥 BNB Auto Paid Hourly! 📈 | Automatic Liquidity Provision | Next 100x🚀

Mega Shiba is the biggest Shiba of them all! $MEGA is a revolutionary way in earning passive income while helping charities around the world at the same time. Simply hold $MEGA tokens in your wallet and you will be automatically rewarded with BNB every 60 minutes! Mega Shiba hold a charity wallet which contains 2% of token supply. This 2% will never be sold however at the end of every month we will donate the BNB rewards gained to a charity chosen by our community. No Dev tokens.
🐕 NO Dev wallet!
🐕 Influencer marketing already paid for post launch
💰 Big marketing coming prelaunch
📈 Huge 100x potential!
✅ Anti bot & Anti whale launch protection
✅ Liquidity Locked
✅ Certik Audit
⬇️ Tokenomics
- Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
- Charity Wallet: 2%
Trading mechanics:
- 7% of each transaction is distributed amongst all holders in BNB. With all transactions (buys, sells and transfers) you increase your BNB balance just by holding $MEGA tokens.
- A 1% automatic liquidity provision on each transaction has been implemented to maintain price stability and fuel the liquidity pool exchange growth.
Join the Mega Shiba !
Contract: 0xfe71c4eb29daf1dcf63dcb78608c8f5a4ce8bb33
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xfe71c4eb29daf1dcf63dcb78608c8f5a4ce8bb33
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xc4C0dd151d5B32A33AB635B8ad54Ae7cc099145C
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xfe71c4eb29daf1dcf63dcb78608c8f5a4ce8bb33#readContract
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2021.10.24 07:27 eric_bousquet Des milliers de profs non qualifiés

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2021.10.24 07:27 Agon_The_Stag Which of these Sorcerer subclasses is the most balanced?

I have talked with my dm about changing subclasses lately, and he finally said i could do it before the next session.
We are using Grim Hollow, and i already have 3rd level transformations, so there is going to be some overlap with some of the abilities.
Would just like to get some good opinions on these ones.
Keep in mind, the dndbeyond vampiric bloodline does not come with a proper bloodline spell list, but my dm has gave me permission to find a bloodline spell list for it.
These can all be found on reddit, or DNDbeyond, ill try to include proper citation later. So tired right now.


This is a bonus one just because i like the customization potential. I haven't talked to my DM about this one yet though.

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2021.10.24 07:27 justinnekim_u 119/120 Shrines. Please help :( I’ve looked at guides for all the shrines and it looks like I already got all of them but turns out I’m still missing one lol

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2021.10.24 07:27 niuz-bot Va fi Alec Baldwin pus sub acuzare pentru împușcarea directoarei de imagine a filmului „Rust”? De ce riscă actorul să piardă zeci de milioane de dolari în procese civile - [Anchete]

Alec Baldwin ar putea fi pus sub acuzare pentru moartea directoarei de imagine Halyna Hutchins şi rănirea regizorului Joel Souza, pe care i-a împușcat joi… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/va-fi-alec-baldwin-pus-sub-acuzare-pentru-impuscarea-directoarei-de-imagine-a-filmului-rust-de-ce-risca-actorul-sa-piarda-zeci-de-milioane-de-dolari-in-procese-civile.html
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2021.10.24 07:27 Dulidus_ The Boys are back in town

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2021.10.24 07:27 svennertsw Found them in the office of my study association

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2021.10.24 07:27 bbong62 21M if you need a new friend, message me!

Need more friends! message me and we can get to know each other and see what we have in common!
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2021.10.24 07:27 Ace_The_Sky Join r/TripleABattery

I made a sub for asexual, aromantic and agender people! Join if you're a triple a (or even if you're not, everyone is welcome!)
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2021.10.24 07:27 Taekzit New Speakers - TonArt Etera MK II

I was lucky to get my hands on these fantastic open baffle speakers. They are created and designed by Norwegian Hi-Fi "guru" Geir Fredriksen. Due to them being quite rare i thought you guys might appreciate. The original dome tweeters has been replaced by ribbon tweeters recommended by the manufacturer.
Specs: 25-50.000 Hz /-3dB Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83 volt/1m Impedance: 5 Ohm, minimum 3,2 Ohm/50 Hz - Weight: 60 kg - Dimensions: 45 cm x 8 cm x 164 (w x d x h).
Speakers: 2 x TonArt Etera MK II
Subwoofers: 2 x Arendal 1723 2S
DAC: NewOntech DAC 07
Amplifier: Lyngdorf TDAI 2170
PC: Intel NUC
They have an absolutely stunningly big soundstage and are able to represent voices naturally in a way I have not experienced before. They sound the best placed roughly 1 meter from the back wall and side walls. I would personally not recommend these speakers to anyone who doesnt own or want to implementate subwoofers as the room placement of the speakers really impacts the low frequencies. In my case the Arendal subwoofers are the perfect match as they are extremely fast and I was able to low pass them as high as 150 Hz, providing more than sufficient power to the low frequencies.

I think I am at my end game now
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2021.10.24 07:27 nixtie Staking on kucoin stopped??

Today I checked how the staking of Orion on kucoin was developing when I found out it stopped. It says all Orion that I staked are redeemed. And I can’t find a possibility to stake them again. Does anybody know if this just stopped?? And if so, why??
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2021.10.24 07:27 UTVcmteeg where to book a European holiday?

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2021.10.24 07:27 ShanasEmpire help me find answer key

can anyone help find the answer key for the 3 practice tests in this booklet? i wanna check my answers and can’t find them anywhere
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2021.10.24 07:27 pythiaonline666 Pls halp - Τι μπορω να κανω αν εχω εναν τρελο γειτονα που με παρενοχλει?

Καλησπερουλες παιδακια,
θα ηθελα τη βοηθεια σας. Μένω σε πολυκατοικια στον τελευταιο οροφο με γονεις. Οι γονεις μου αγοραζοντας το σπιτι, αγορασαν και το γκαραζ οπου εδω παιχτηκε μια περιεργη φαση οπου ουσιαστικα εχουμε το 90% του γκαραζ, και χωρανε τα δυο αυτοκινητα μας. Το 10% ειναι κοινοχρηστο. Στον κατω οροφο εχει δυο διαμερισματα, στα οποια μενουνε στο ενα ο τρελος μαλακοκαυλης γειτονας και στο διπλα οι γονεις του (που πλεον εχουν μετακομισει thank god αλλα καμια φορα ερχονται). Ο τυπος ειναι ''επιχειρηματιας'' μη χεσω με αλυσιδα καφε τυροπιταδικων, γυρω στα 50.
So, εδω και πολλα χρονια εχουν εχθρα μαζι μας, μαλλον απο ''ζηλια'' επειδη πηραμε το μεγαλυτερο διαμερισμα της πολυκατοικιας και το γκαραζ. Ο τυπος βαζει το μηχανακι του στο γκαραζ (εφοσον το 10% ειναι κοινοχρηστο), ΑΛΛΑ. Μας γαμαει τα αυτοκινητα στις γρατζουνιες και στα βαθουλωματα και μεσα σε ολα αυτα τα χρονια μας παρενοχλει λεκτικα. Περσυ ειχε παιχτει σκηνικο (ειναι και αλκοολας συν τοις αλλοις) που μου χτυπαγε τα κουδουνια και με απειλουσε οτι θα με γαμησει (??) and stuff like that. Βριζει συνεχως τους γονεις μου κι εμενα (αγρια) οποτε μας βλεπει. Χθες χτυπαγε την πορτα του σπιτιου και τα κουδουνια για 10 λεπτα straight και μας εβριζε επειδη ειπε οτι καναμε φασαρια (ενω δεν καναμε καν).
Να κανω mention, εχω φωναξει τους μπατσους σε τετοια περιστατικα και το μονο που συνεβη ειναι να κανω μια εγγραφη καταγγελια εις βαρος του που ουσιαστικα δεν ειναι κατι, απλα καταγραφεται το συμβαν και σε περιπτωση που μου συμβει κατι θα δουνε οτι ο τυπος αυτος με εχει παρενοχλησει πολλακις. Δευτερον, δεν εχουμε λεφτα για μηνυση or something. Τριτον, οι γονεις μου ειναι ησυχοι ανθρωποι και δε μπορουν τα ξεκατινιασματα κλπ, ωστοσο εγω οποτε κανει τετοιες μαλακιες τον βριζω, αλλα και παλι φοβαμαι για τη σωματικη μου ακεραιοτητα γιατι ο τυπος εχει προβλημα.
Προτεινετε μου σοβαρες λυσεις γιατι δεν αντεχω αλλο
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2021.10.24 07:27 tokenmaker1111 Tweet by TokenMaker#7810

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2021.10.24 07:27 OldYak1830 Uncensored Music Video

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2021.10.24 07:27 lord-dhruvin Developer and Casual Gamer

Looking For:
- Free
- Customizable
- Least Bloatware
- Full Modular Control
- Performant
- A distro i won't have to change later

PC Specs:

I am new to Linux/Ubuntu/GNU but i don't want to leave a good distro just because i am new to linux.
I mostly do Programming and Browsing on My pc
Currently I have Zorin OS 16 Core
I have my eyes on Arch, Mint, Manjaro and Pop!_OS but i may choose a different distro if it is better
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2021.10.24 07:27 Ani____ Classical songs with the same vibes as Strauss' Im Abendrot?

I'm obsessed with it
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2021.10.24 07:27 samajdaar03 You have 67 secs

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