🎵 「鬼KYOKAN」 (ONI KYOKAN) by じーざすP (Jizasu-P) / WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! - Covered by アステル・レダ & 奏手イヅル (Astel Leda 🎭 & Kanade Izuru 🎸)

2021.10.24 06:57 Xanek 🎵 「鬼KYOKAN」 (ONI KYOKAN) by じーざすP (Jizasu-P) / WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! - Covered by アステル・レダ & 奏手イヅル (Astel Leda 🎭 & Kanade Izuru 🎸)

🎵 「鬼KYOKAN」 (ONI KYOKAN) by じーざすP (Jizasu-P) / WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! - Covered by アステル・レダ & 奏手イヅル (Astel Leda 🎭 & Kanade Izuru 🎸) submitted by Xanek to Hololive [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 06:57 aliendude369 people who don't eat the crust of the bread are truly inferior beings.

people who don't eat the crust just need to learn how truly small they are. they're sense of taste is too simple, designed to consume limestone. meanwhile, us crust eaters have supreme physique, intelligence of a sun powered supercomputer, etc. if you don't eat your crust, you are to us what the amoeba is to you. we will destroy you with our advanced technology that could only have been invented by people who EAT THEIR CRUSTS. you better watch out! we gonna use our super cool giant nuclear space laser beam!! you're all gonna get wiped off the face of the planet! you evil underground reptile race! one day, everyone will eat their crusts. EVERYONE. and your pathetic extraterrestrial infection will go extinct!
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2021.10.24 06:57 trawlztolentino Must Try Cafe in Silang, Cavite

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2021.10.24 06:57 Mr57yl 33 [M4F] Emotionally intelligent conversations needed

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2021.10.24 06:57 ommeans Mega Absol Raid. Adding 10

5460 8836 9411
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2021.10.24 06:57 The_Pharmak0n Semiotics of the End: Boredom at the End of the World

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2021.10.24 06:57 Friendly_Obligation1 Gold edition

Gold edition So im considering buying the battlefield 2042 gold edition. In the bundle with gold edition is of course 1 week early access, 4 battle passes and 3 skin bundles, but there is also the 4 new specialists. but doesn`t everybody get access to all the specialists anyways ? or will they be pay to play ?

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2021.10.24 06:57 fuckerbdx Lets talk dirty about this bitch

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2021.10.24 06:57 GoalooES Pronóstico de LigaMX - 24 de Octubre

Pumas UNAM VS Tijuana
Atlético de San Luis VS Atlas
Santos Laguna VS Toluca
Pachuca VS Juárez
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2021.10.24 06:57 premier-cat-arena Has anyone had issues with social media impacting your ability to get social security?

I’m basically wondering how deep they’re digging. I’m planning to deactivate my personal Instagram. I also have other accounts but they’re all anonymous without my face or name on them. Do you think they’d go so far as to check your IP address for accounts?
I use my twitter mostly for jokes but also for some disability community organizing. I think I’ll have to make that one private as well and take my face off of it.
Have any of you had social media impact your case? I’ve been bedbound for 4.5 years now and housebound for longer so these are my only social outlets. It really sickens me how they’re allowed to stalk your social media like that.
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2021.10.24 06:57 FrostFire09 Team improvements? I've had this team since div 9 (except Casteels and klosterman) and am now div 4

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2021.10.24 06:57 bencikanimations Aww hell nah, Elbow is Nathzee

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2021.10.24 06:57 svanapps r/dogecoin - We are all waiting

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2021.10.24 06:57 Environmental_Log_64 What they did to gaylord in meet the parents is not even funny, it's just plain mean

Its funny here and there but i can't help but feel so bad for gaylord. People get miserable haha so funny is what the director is thinking probably but man if i put myself in his shoe i'd probably just kill myself. Well maybe i'm just weak but seriously tho, if that happens irl it would be so cruel.
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2021.10.24 06:57 MitchMeister476 Levelling weapon exp fast

I was wondering if you lot had any tips on fast levelling weapons. I like the idea of the Caldwell rival handcannon with slugs as a secondary so I thought I see if the rival 78 is as bad as everyone says...
First game, 4 centre mass shots at 10/15m and the guy is still up... Wow...
I'm not sure if it's worth the pain at the moment haha, Cheers!
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2021.10.24 06:57 Frikandelneuker There comes a point where you’ve been on the internet for so long that seeing a man getting impaled and then spun to death by heavy machinery just does not phase you anymore

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2021.10.24 06:57 Kenamy042 Super X-Game 360 😎

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2021.10.24 06:57 4LEW idm/industrial/whatever

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2021.10.24 06:57 useyourfcknbrain The Real Alan Wu

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2021.10.24 06:57 helieononlaptop Grian appreciation post

Grian appreciation post

Orange Ocelots MCC17
I just wanted to make this post mainly because of how Grian did amazing things during MCC. even if he was ill he still made it to MCC, he could've swapped out but he didn't. this shows how much Grian is dedicated to
For those who watches Grian will probably know this but if you aren't then, all the donations he gets from all of his MCC streams goes to charity (currently building a school). he has raised 300k i think (tbh idk), this really shows how amazing he is. we always love seeing you Grian in MCC. he is as funny as he can be in hermitcraft and last life. as the manager of build mart and the dream slayer ofc we love you. keep up amazing work you put out. you are a very humble and loveable. don't let anything affect from doing great things Grian.
i am sorry that you are ill, we all hope you feel better then ever. love from the reddit, we are always here for you Grian.
i just wanted to make this note for Grian to feel better.
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2021.10.24 06:57 DiscombobulatedFly64 HAPPY CAKE DAY APPLE! :3

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2021.10.24 06:57 Logan_mov How to get good?

I am very new to SSBU and I really want to know what are some mustlearn things for beginners? Also, are there any characters worth playing to learn the basics of the game? Thank you for your time!
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2021.10.24 06:57 Super_Gap_9995 Darkrai on me

0503 9190 5174 or 3637 8444 0330
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2021.10.24 06:57 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Car taken briefly with small children inside, Prince George’s police say

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2021.10.24 06:57 famousstore9998 2021 Top Best Caption Profile Dp Picture For Facebook

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