Ananda Sutram

2021.12.08 03:44 averagecitizen234 Ananda Sutram

Comprehensive Philosophy of Ananda Marga Ananda Sutram
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2021.12.08 03:44 baboonbeetle The Pursuer by LemonICE-art

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2021.12.08 03:44 Western-Situation-52 Eli5,how do school teacher handle bullying case

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2021.12.08 03:44 mahad148 Account help when it comes to suspensions and bans

As the title mentions is there any way I can get money back from the account? I could care less about the account itself as I only play league w friends like 5 times a month & planning to quit just want to know if I can get value from this ban.
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2021.12.08 03:44 LoRdVNestEd What stuff do you do while you are listening to Distractible?

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2021.12.08 03:44 lazulied 10th Grade Seats

How can you view/find out how many seats each Specialized school has available for 10th graders?
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2021.12.08 03:44 Complex_Investment39 How lucky is this drop.. I got 2 max +145 health jewels and Amulet from a final boss run😭

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2021.12.08 03:44 Albus_Lupus For those wondering the dawning starts 14.12 to 04.01

The dawning starts next week and last until 4th week.
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2021.12.08 03:44 ZoolShop Australia joins US in diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

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2021.12.08 03:44 symonford drunk homeless man is outside my house ;-;

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2021.12.08 03:44 MetaMaster54610 What character would you want in for the analysis potential?

I, for one, think CatDog has the potential to have an amazing analysis just because of the sheer body horror their design exudes. Wiz would be at his a-game here. He could casually just show off a bunch of horrifying animal hybrids he made in his lab, try to actually give a scientific reason for how CatDog uses the bathroom as Boomstick desperately begs him to stop, and all around just show fascination and intrigue with the bizarre nature of the character. Meanwhile, Boomstick is just freaked out and absolutely mortified all the way through as Wiz continuously says things that freak him out and make him uncomfortable. They could have him just throw up when they show off the infamous scene from the Teeth for Two episode where Cat crawls through their shared body and emerges from Dog's mouth completely inside out. What characters do you think would have a great analysis?
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2021.12.08 03:44 whollyapathetic Take Emmy here

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2021.12.08 03:44 SomniaCE I have a super addictive personality, making it hard to play Destiny 2 alongside other games/hobbies due to the sheer breadth of worthwhile content to grind out. Its an incredible feat worthy of praise, but also my personal downfall. For those with similar issues, any tips on finding that balance?

For reference, I got back into D2 after not playing since launch about 3ish months ago. In just a month and some change I managed to play roughly 550-600ish hours in a month and a half of playing. I love what D2 currently is and I'm consistently dumbfounded with just how much there is for me to do at any given time, not just for my own personal enjoyment but to further increase my character's power levels and expand my arsenal in meaningful ways.
But for me, that insane amount of content is more a curse than anything. Everytime I'd go to play another game, watch a movie etc etc all I could think of is "Man I could be running Prophecy to get my god roll Judgement" or "There's double rep gain in Gambit, I should really take advantage of that while I farm out Dredgen & Gambit weapon rolls". Everyday I think "I need to login to check mod vendors, I only have X amount of days to complete pinnacle rewards" and it just shuts my brain off from being able to play other things. If I don't log in everyday, I might miss an Ada mod I don't have and I'm just losing precious seconds towards completing the dozens of worthwhile content avenues be it raids, dungeons or general playlist activities. Being a completionist doesn't help, either.
Thankfully, Halo Infinite's multiplayer launched early and tore me away from D2, but after just missing a couple days my will to continue playing plummeted entirely. All I could think of was how much time I lost playing Infinite and how with the DCV tearing away content bit by bit my time to catchup and complete certain content is limited. I just haven't booted the game up since.
The DCV lives rent free in my head and gives me immense anxiety due to all content in the game having an expiration date.
Seeing the 30th anniversary update has made me so happy though, especially with the massive sandbox changes geared towards Crucible. I loved D1 to bits and the world of Destiny has been so fun to dive back into these past couple months. The story and deeplore are as engrossing as ever and the gameplay systems are tighter than they've ever been. But all that said Destiny feels like this all consuming monolith that due to my addictive personality shuts down my drive to enjoy or pursue other things with my free time.
tl:dr (sorta) Has anyone else had a similar experience? How did you make yourself comfortable knowing that you just weren't going to be able to do everything the game lets you do on a daily/weekly basis? How do you stop obsessing over the godrolls you could be chasing? I want to play D2 again but if I can't figure out how to change my mindset so that I can balance it with other games/activities then I genuienly can't let myself redownload it.
Sorry if this kind of post isn't allowed.
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2021.12.08 03:44 XTCkishaaa My beautiful Jocy ❤️

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2021.12.08 03:44 jamesswazz I love BF but where have the players gone, Crossplay on, peak time getting harder and harder to actually find games. Is this really the reality?

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2021.12.08 03:44 Khutko Controller binding on pc

Trying to change the flying controls on pc with a controller. Cant seem to find an option on how to do it. The only thing I see is for mouse and keyboard, but no option for controller. Anyone figure it out?
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2021.12.08 03:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Holiday Gift Guide 2021 -- Best in gaming gadgets and games | Washington Times

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2021.12.08 03:44 CharlyTheDog Thanks, I hate ads that make no sense.

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2021.12.08 03:44 Savvy_Bean Peterson/Vaughn, where are they now? S5E16

The cringe laugh yoga family was sweet, I was rooting for them but god, Beth, I think her name is? She's so miserable, she seems to hate her kids, her husband and her life. She couldn't even kiss her husband at the beginning of the episode and the sad lives those poor kids who obviously have nothing to do and had their entire lives ripped away from them, its just sad.
I'd just like to know if that family turned out okay. I'm sure the laugh yoga family is fine, the dad and mom seemed like genuinely good people, just spoiled their kid a little much is all.
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2021.12.08 03:44 St4yFrostythesnowman WB reshiram on me be online add one 9959 6287 1486, 0604 2751 1798

Be online and ready
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2021.12.08 03:44 xrpykqhs Bluesheets platform launch sees great success with high revenue and MAU growth

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2021.12.08 03:44 SongThrush7 Is it a good idea to put GSC Nendoroid on the altar?

Hi everyone! I am from China, I have been practicing Norse paganism for a while and starting to build an altar.
I collect Nendoroid (which is a series of chibi plastic figures based on anime or game characters created by Good Smile Company), and I like to use different Nendoroid parts to assemble them into my favorite character.
I recently created a custom Nendoroid based on the character Enjorlas from Les Misérables, and then I thought "why don't I create some custom Nendoroids as Norse gods and put them on my altar?"
Do you think it is a good idea? Will the gods like this kind of decors?
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2021.12.08 03:44 Mr-Cantaloupe I was remote keylogged when I was in 5th grade, only told my mother about it. I think it seriously traumatized me and has caused me lasting mental health effects into my early adulthood.

Back in the day, about 11 years ago, I was an ignorant adolescent just wanting to pirate Adobe After Effects/Photoshop. I would have to do trial and error while downloading cracking programs (you needed those to get the license keys for the adobe programs). This is my theory on how I got infected with this remote keylogger by some person.
One day, I presume shortly after the above hypothetical situation, while I was watching porn; the light on the video camera part of my laptop lit up (like it does when you start recording). I was astute in this situation, I turned off my camera in my settings instantly. After this I can vividly remember googling if such an event is common with a toshiba laptop, the one I owned at the time..
And as I was typing into google, letters I knew I wasn’t typing started being typed for me. Like in the middle of my typing random shit would be typed. At this point I knew something was wrong.
I wasn’t tech illiterate either, I remember I had malwarebytes malware, I was actively trying to open it as it was pretty evident I had some sort of virus. But every time I would try opening it and running a scan the program would close. I still have nightmares about that certain scenario to this day.
Then, I shit you not, I opened up my notepad and started talking to some motherfucker as it started becoming obvious to even an 11 year old it had to be another human. He was typing back to me as well. He told me how he had everything: all my emails/passwords and my moms credit cards.
That part made me fucking terrified. But, to make it even better, he told me I needed to go to my parents and tell them to give him a $500 cash card thing from walmart or he would send videos of my watching porn to my family. And before I could even type to him, he told me to download a program called team viewer and he would show me all of my passwords and everything he had of my including the video.
I did just that, and he showed me. I took the battery out of that laptop instantly, went downstairs and cried to my mother, and factory reset the laptop the next day early in the morning.
I still have vivid memories of the entire day and exchange. And I always wonder if a lot of mental issues I have today are tied to this incident. Like I said earlier, I have multiple nightmares yearly of this event.
Sorry about formatting, typing this on my phone, and hope you enjoy this traumatizing story of my childhood.
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2021.12.08 03:44 theduck1893 Dragon Crypto Aurum p2e RPG game on avalanche

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2021.12.08 03:44 ChrisGarcia66 How Much Does An 8K Projector Cost?

How Much Does An 8K Projector Cost? JVC released the world’s first 8K projector this September, attracting many projector fans.
Many projector fans wonder that how much does an 8K projector cost.
JVC new Procision Series 8K projectors include DLA-NZ9, DLA-NZ8, and DLA-NZ7. They are the World first projector to support high-resolution 8K signal input.
The three models feature a display resolution of 8192 x 4320. Please note that their native resolution is not 8K.
You can have a quick understanding of their differences by means of the table below.
We can see that the most expensive 8K projector of JVC is DLA-NZ9, sold at a price of $24,999.95, about 10 times the price of some mainstream 4K projector. For example, VAVA 4K is sold at a price of $2,799.
To conclude, the 8K projectors cost about $9,999.95-$24,999.95.
Article from
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