New Monoclonal Antibodies in Testing

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2021.12.03 19:56 Mark_Fanon New Monoclonal Antibodies in Testing

New developments on the horizon all the time folks.
Novartis latest results in The Lancet: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of subcutaneous ianalumab in patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome showed a dose-related decrease in disease activity (ESSDAI) at week 24
Lancet paper02251-0/fulltext)
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2021.12.03 19:56 Pickles-byElonMusk [Xbox] [H] Tact Lime Octane [W] Offers

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2021.12.03 19:56 igor-ramos Morre Zeca Borges, criador do Disque-Denúncia, no Rio

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2021.12.03 19:56 Shower-karaoke-star [SERIOUS] Zaujíma ma ako korona ovplyvňuje duševné zdravie priemerného užívateľa redditu. Prosím, nech sa hlasujúci ak možno vyjadria bližšie v komentoch (každý môže povedať len, koľko chce).

(negatívne alebo pozitívne?)
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2021.12.03 19:56 kurtisonxp Wandering through Sydney, Australia

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2021.12.03 19:56 Swipet Kansas State DB Tee Denson enters the transfer portal

Was primary CB backup behind EBD and Brent's. Should have 3 years of eligibility.
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2021.12.03 19:56 huewutm8 fridge leftovers... chili, Mac and cheese, hash browns and nootch. It was yummy

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2021.12.03 19:56 Ok_Squirrel1806 Just started the Bachelorette

Hey, just started watching the bachelorette from Michelle’s season. Any recommendations for the best seasons to watch ? Thank you x
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2021.12.03 19:56 tjrider1 Making my first post here and Im gonna say I really love the new update, it gives me new ideas for builds, I also love the caves with how vast they are and how deep they go.

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2021.12.03 19:56 adamole123 A last look at my plants. Some still are yet to seed.

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2021.12.03 19:56 aksnafs Need help!

My toddler turned 3 last month, she was fully potty trained. She also started pre k last month, so a lot is going on. The problem that I’m having since last week is, she keeps peeing in her pants. No matter where she is I keep reminding her that we don’t pee in our pants. But she’s made a game out of it or something I’m starting to feel so frustrated, I’m currently pregnant With our second. So I know a lot of change is happening for her but she was k up until last week. What do I do?! How do I get her to stop?! She peed in her pants twice today while I’m school. 😫😫😫
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2021.12.03 19:56 godmakesmesad Have any of you wondered about the blood sacrifice teachings in Christianity? Is any of this related to Saturn Cube?

See this exchange:
Christianity who is disagreeing with me:
He also intervenes in addition to this. But even Christ's death alone is more than we have the right to ask for.
My words: I don't believe in the Christianity where God sought after blood and sacrifices,
Their response:Then you're making up your own religion and twisting Scripture. There is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood. Jesus Himself even said that His blood was necessary for us to have a relationship with Him.
So really, if you don't believe in Jesus' own words, but you still claim Jesus came to save people in some other way, you've invented your own Jesus to fit your complaints and self-focused attitude.
godmakesmesad[S] 1 point 4 minutes ago You seem to be one of those fundamentalist types who thinks you're perfect and 99.9999 % of people on earth are going to hell well except for you.
I don't believe in the blood sacrifice stuff. It's brutal. What kind of God demands blood. If you study scripture deeper there's verses AGAINST blood sacrifice. Sometimes I think real babylon is the blood and domination focused religions that the elite invented. You make everything all about the blood and ignore the messages of love.
One reason for my deconversion from Christian fundamentalism was the human sacrifice and blood focus. With Jesus, I believe he had good teachings but things were added, and other things were skewed. [probably with all teachers of light] I had difficulty with the focus on blood. You can see the themes of blood, domination, violence etc here. It bothers me. Christians never presented any decent arguments and the ones they presented for these beliefs seemed to present their God as extremely brutal.
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2021.12.03 19:56 duckiezhy Why was I born this way?

I was born with HFA (autism), I’ve had it my whole life. I just… don’t understand, why was I born this way??? Why was I born wrong? Why was I born with a brain that works wrong? Why do I always offend people accidentally? Why am I so awkward? Why don’t I get social cues? Why why why why why why was I born so stupid?
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2021.12.03 19:56 SpareContest5990 28M - First impression? Thanks!

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2021.12.03 19:56 Comprehensive-Lake34 Nooks is buying turnips for 571!

[SW] Nooks is buying turnips for 571! DM for Dodo. Any donations will help the island
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2021.12.03 19:56 TheCryptoRock Crypto Jackpot is the PRESALE that you don't want to miss!! Doxxed Team! Amazing project that aims to be the largest crypto giveaway token on BSC! Presale goes live December 17th! Get in early!!

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2021.12.03 19:56 cfoam2 Tried "Before you buy" with clothing

Funny I bought two things, returned one. Immediately they charged my account. Because the items were delivered in a plastic bag of course I either have to go thru the issue of getting a box and getting a label printed or taking it to a UPS store. Ok, so I chose the ups store option and they send a message "we have mailed you the info..." Nope, still waiting they have sent NOTHING. Looking at the page again it says "Use the code below" and there is nothing below! Somehow I figured any return was going to be a PITA so I somehow end up paying for the item I don't want. Just so you know, This experience sucks Amazon!
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2021.12.03 19:56 noviaccou Simplii Referral Link to earn 50$

To get the bous must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
Click on link below to open account
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2021.12.03 19:56 jazsw Nappers of reddit. How long do you nap for during the day?

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2021.12.03 19:56 Goneisthedead RZA Speaks on Kanye West's Work of the greats talking about another great.

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2021.12.03 19:56 BalancedOutput We here to support you Crin, Eclipse to be a top seller for sure 🤟🏻

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2021.12.03 19:56 ResidentKorra Netflix

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2021.12.03 19:56 rockandbreadrolls Could someone link the discord server for Leaving Cert Class of 22

Any ones that you know of
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2021.12.03 19:56 Possible_Sorbet_5593 If you’re parked at ParkPlace w/o the parking sticker move your car ASAP

There’s a couple tow trucks towing people without stickers rn so if you’re parked there and don’t have one I would move. I know they haven’t been enforcing it for a while but now they are, just a heads up
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