Nostalgia right here

2021.12.03 20:15 FoxyRadio800 Nostalgia right here

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2021.12.03 20:15 BedMaleficent5041 help

my friend smoked meth, probably like good 10g’s and she’s out of this world. what do I have to do?
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2021.12.03 20:15 Carrot-Relative TDWT my way

Trent Replaces DJ on Team Victory. Eva is on Team Chris is really hot. Duncan is on Team Victory instead of quitting. Bridgette is on the Girls team. Justin replaces Izzy this season.
Walk like a Egyptian Part 1 and 2.
Duncan and Courtney argue a lot since Courtney is still mad about him getting her Booted last season and still losing. Duncan hangs out with Gwen since she is the only one who is not mad at him for being Last season's Antagonist. This makes Trent and Courtney Jealous but not much yet. Zeke still loses the Stick but Lucky for him it's a reward challenge since he does not have the stick. Team Victory is the only who does not get to go to first Class. Making the team angry at Zeke.
Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan
Alejandro flirts with Bridgette expect Duncan Justin and Heather notice this and are Suspicious of him. Duncan hangs out with Gwen more angering Courtney. Alejandro still flits with Leshwana she does not have feelings for him but she still blushes a lot Alejandro convinces Harold that Leshwana is mad about losing so he can Impress and cheer up Leshwana by winning the Challenge. Harold takes over as Director and messes up as bad as cannon. Duncan asks Zeke why he was trying so hard to be a gangster. Zeke admits he only had 2 or 3 friends his entire life one who cut ties with him so he thought if he acted cool people would like him. Duncan convinces to Just be himself screw what people think and do what you think is cool.
Winner: Team Chris is Really Hot.
Harold- Duncan Lindsay Trent Zeke
Zeke- Leshwana Harold
19th Place: Harold. He costed the Challenge and was more rude and annoying this time than in Cannon.
Reason: I wanted to show Al as a threat so having him boot one of last season's finalists and I decided to have Alejandro be the reason Harold lost the Challenge.
Anything Yukon do I can do Better
Bridgette is still falling for Al. Justin is Jealous and Hates Alejandro for replacing him as the Hot guy and he tires to use his good looks to get Eva to like him so he can boot Alejandro when the time comes. Eva sees right through this but pretends to be wrapped around his Finger. Duncan and Heather reminds Bridgette she has a boyfriend and helps distract her from falling for him. Alejandro is mad at this he sees Leshwana sad about Harold getting booted. Al uses this to Manipulate her into acting more Bossy and annoying then cannon. Sierra stalks Cody but not as much as cannon.
Winner: Team Amazons.
Leshwana - Duncan Zeke Trent Lindsay
Zeke- Leshwana
18th Place: Leshwana. Because of Al's Manipulation she got even more Bossy than Cannon and was voted off.
Reason: To make Al a threat and Leshwana was Bossy in World tour so I decided to Have Al increase that to get her voted off.
Harold beat boxes ''Baby'' and Leshwana and him become a couple. Geoff is angry at Al trying to hook up with his girl.
Broadway Baby
Trent and Duncan argue and fight a lot. Since Trent is Jealous about him being close with Gwen and Duncan got him booted Last Season when he had a chance to win. Heather tells Bridgette about How she does not trust Alejandro and if he was really a nice guy why is hitting on someone's girlfriend. Most of team dislikes Zeke for Losing twice until Lindsay convinces them to give him a Second chance she does because of their friendship in TDI special. She also turns into her Admiral form and wins. Eva manipulates Justin into fighting with Alejandro even more. Heather still Sabotages team Chris is really Hot. Alejandro tells this to the Cast and Twists the Story to make it seem like Heather is still the same Backstabber she was in Island.
Winner: Team Victory.
Losers: Team Chris is Really Hot
Tyler- Noah Owen
Alejandro- Justin
Justin- Eva Alejandro Tyler
17th Place: Justin. Because of their Rivalry Justin votes for Al. and Al does the Same. Eva gets Tyler to vote for Justin since it would save him from being booted.
Justin is shocked when he got booted. Eva tells him what he did before she shoves him off the Plane.
Reason: Eva is going to be a Secondary Villain so I had her cause this boot since I want to show she can be smart to.
Slap Slap Revolution
Bridgette respects Duncan and Heather more from stopping her from cheating on her boyfriend. Heather gets Bridgette with her in alliance to find out if Alejandro is really the Nice Guy he pretends to be. Alejandro sees Bridgette talking about getting Duncan in helping them expose Alejandro. Al goes to Duncan and Promises to help him make merge and offer him a Final 2 deal if he does not help Heather and maybe even sabotage Team Victory a little. Duncan knows he has a target on his back agrees to help Al. Duncan's friendship with Gwen makes Trent and Courtney even more worried that Gwen and Duncan have went behind their backs in Action or Island. Alejandro sees this he decides to target Trent seeing as he is much easier to trick and tells Duncan his plan. Duncan is about to refuse but Alejandro reminds he won't make merge other wise. Alejandro tells Trent Duncan told Gwen about his 9 Obession so he can have Gwen as a Second Choice in case him and Courtney break up. Trent gets mad and during the Challenge he asks Duncan about this. Duncan lies to Trent Alejandro is right and makes him mad enough to attack him like Leshwana did to Heather. Sierra still stomps everyone. Noah tells Owen how he does not trust Alejandro or Eva since Al reminds him of Justin and he talked to Tyler and found out Eva told him to vote for Justin. Eva says she wanted payback since Justin tried to toy with her like he did to Beth. Noah still thinks to more to this.
Winners: Team Amazons.
Trent- Duncan Zeke Lindsay
Duncan- Trent
16th Place: Trent. Duncan pretends he said Nothing. Al defends him saying Trent attacked him just because he said the Gwent breakup was his fault. Duncan convinces the team to vote for Trent because he is Crazy and costed them to lose again.
Reason: I liked Al and Duncan's alliance so I decided to start it early since Duncan won't be making merge this season.
Amazon Race
Bridgette Joins a alliance with Heather since while she does not like her she saw Alejandro talking with Trent before he attacked Duncan. She does not trust him and does not want him going after any of her friends and wants him to pay. Alejandro and Duncan decide to lay off Team Victory to avoid getting Caught. Lindsay thinks Alejandro is not who he says he is because she reminds him of her Rival Justin. Duncan tells Alejandro this after the challenge. One of Zeke's 8 Languages allow him to Communicate with the Natives living there into giving them Directions and telling him where the Dangers are like Lakes with Phirans or Quicksand. Duncan and Lindsay find ways to avoid the Traps and win the Challenge. Al tells Gwen about the Strange elmations and he thinks Heather is behind them. The Amazons still lose like Cannon expect Gwen is trying to use her friendship with Bridgette to get her to vote for Heather and since Courtney and Heather have a Mini Rivalry she tries to use that to get her and Sierra to vote for her. Alejandro and Eva save Owen and manipulates him into thinking the team ditched him. Eva lies to Owen and tells him that Noah is just friends with because he needs a vote. Noah is the pretty weak and disliked by a lot of the cast so he needs a Popular well liked guy to keep him from Elmantion.
Winner: Team Victory.
Losers: Team Amazon.
Sierra-Heather Bridgette Cody
Heather- Gwen Courtney Sierra.
Heather knows about Sierra harssing Cody and use her alliance with Bridgette to vote for Sierra with her. Heather beats Sierra in the Tie-Breaker but Luckily for her it's a Reward challenge.
Can't help Falling in Lovere
Zeke tells his friends he is here since he wants to prove himself as a Strong Player other than Joke everyone treats him as after Island. Gwen is mad at Bridgette for helping out Heather. Alejandro sends Duncan to Manipulate Gwen even more by telling her he saw her talking with Harold before he messed up and that she was probably using their Friendship in TDI Special and TDA to Manipulate him into letting his Guard down and messing up the Challenge since Duncan is a close friend she believes him. Zeke can speak French and finds his Way to the Statues without DJ to sabotage her Lindsay wins. Courtney sees Duncan hanging with Gwen the whole Challenge and gets the wrong Idea and starts fighting with both of them. Sierra asks Cody why she wants him gone where he tells her he is tired of her harssing him. Sierra admits what she did was wrong she just never had a crush on someone before and did not know what to do and asks for a second chance as a friend. Alejandro tells Duncan to find a way to make Lindsay fail and make it look like it was her being Dumb. Duncan swipes the Puzzle from her and places it in her Purse. When Chris announces that Team Victory lost. Duncan points out the Puzzle in her Purse he says this is because her being Dumb.
Winners: Team Chris is Really Hot.
Lindsay- Duncan Zeke
Duncan- Lindsay
14th Place: Lindsay. Zeke believes him despite liking Lindsay more and votes her off.
Reason: She was Former Finalist with no more Plot this is as far as she goes. Plus this is Part of Al's Plan to get Heather out.
Newf Kids on the Rock
Alejandro forms a alliance with Team Victory. Duncan convinces Zeke they should take it since they are low. Sierra and Cody grow close. Alejandro sees Tyler is sad about Lindsay being sent home and is even more Clumsy than before Alejandro tells him Lindsay would want him to keep on trying instead of moping around. Since there is no Duncan rock the Amazons keep up. Bridgette sees how Duncan and Courtney are struggling in their relationship and convinces them to talk out their Problems of course neither of them are mature enough to admit their faults and ended up fighting more and breaking up. Heather asks why Gwen hates her more than usual and tricks her into saying what Duncan told her about her. Eva tricks Owen into doubting their Friendship even more. Alejandro notices this and helps her since he wants a Villain on his side rather than working against him so he can backstab her when the time comes.
Winners: Team Victory.
Losers: Team Amazon.
But it's a Reward Challenge.
Jamaica me Sweat.
Owen avoids Noah a lot because Al told him that Noah might try to manipulate him into thinking he cares about him. Owen hesitates at first but Eva reminds him about all the Jokes Noah makes about him and twists to make it sound worse. Courtney is sad about the messy Break up. Gwen knows how it feels to lose your first boyfriend because of her breakup with Trent and helps Bridgette cheer up Courtney. Chris decides to put Team Victory on different teams. Duncan on Team Amazon because of his relationships with Gwen and Courtney and Zeke on Team Chris is Really Hot. During the Plane Crash it only lands on Chef. Duncan sneaks off again and Heather follows him and finds out about his Inter Team alliance. Alejandro tells Duncan that despite their messy breakup Courtney would still likes him and says he should use that. Duncan refuses since he has a few morals. Al still tells him to throw the challenge since the longer Heather is here they are at more risk of getting caught. Heather tells all this to Bridgette. During the Surfing challenge. Bridgette does pretty well Duncan sabotages Sierra and Cody's surfboards. Heather show this to Courtney. Al sabotages Bridgette with a Plank like he did to DJ.
Winners: Team Chris is Really Hot.
Duncan- Heather Bridgette Cody Courtney
Heather- Duncan Gwen Sierra.
13th Place: Duncan. Duncan tells the Team to vote for Heather because of what she did Bridgette convinces Courtney to vote for Duncan since he is a threat for making top 6 twice in a row and Heather manipulates Cody into thinking if Duncan is gone maybe he is another shot at Gwen.
Reason: His Plot with Alejandro is done plus he got as much Screen time as DJ and Izzy this season so I figure I boot him here he can still qualify for All Stars without reaching merge again.
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2021.12.03 20:15 mismanaged29 Violent Way - Don't Worry 'Bout Me

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2021.12.03 20:15 alice_skullsplitter the gender neutral urge to destroy my life with hard drugs, alcohol and gambling

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2021.12.03 20:15 DariusStrada Completamente vergonhoso que no Estádio da Luz se oiça "Benfica é merda! Filhos da puta!"

Como é que as pessoas no estádio deixam isto acontecer!? Se vão ao estádio é para fazer barulho pelo Benfica.
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2021.12.03 20:15 redit202 Weekly Judicial Watch NewsNatch: Trial on Constitutionality of California’s Gender Quotas for Corporate Boards Scheduled for December 1 - December 03, 2021

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2021.12.03 20:15 ComiX-Fan X-Men Nightcrawler teleports in with new Sideshow Collectibles statue

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2021.12.03 20:15 Cromulus Not exactly a bad place to live

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2021.12.03 20:15 AgreeableEggplant333 Does anyone know what brand these are?

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2021.12.03 20:15 tandyman234 When given the job to write the screenplay for The Godfather movies, Mario Puzo, the author of the books, had no idea what he was doing as he’d never written a screenplay before. After winning two oscars he bought a book on screenwriting to learn more, in the 1st chapter it read “Study Godfather 1”.

When given the job to write the screenplay for The Godfather movies, Mario Puzo, the author of the books, had no idea what he was doing as he’d never written a screenplay before. After winning two oscars he bought a book on screenwriting to learn more, in the 1st chapter it read “Study Godfather 1”. submitted by tandyman234 to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 20:15 Ondrashek06 Please, fuck off already with your data collection. This is getting insane.

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2021.12.03 20:15 RoyalPepperoni Lee Harvey Oswald did a good thing in assassinating JFK.

For some pretext, I am ideologically a Marxist and so was he. He had lived in the Soviet Union and seemingly remained one until he got shot by Jack Ruby. I think he did a good thing in assassinating JFK as he was a capitalist leading a terrible war against the Vietnamese as well as leading the US towards politically manipulating the USSR into collapse. Lee Harvey Oswald, in my opinion, did something that can be commended and I hope you can attempt understand my argument.
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2021.12.03 20:15 shartlobsterdog userStartup.cheat not working. Help

I do need glasses so maybe I missed something, but as far as I know, I set up userStartup.cheat correctly, and it will not work. I have the UC and I'm on Windows.
Things I've tried include:

I followed this tutorial, then after double-checking what I wrote, I deleted it and followed the instructions on the Sims wiki instead, not that they were any different. Still didn't work, so I tried the other things above, still to no avail.
Here are pictures
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2021.12.03 20:15 whereismykarma 4 player horror like bigfoot and phasmophobia

Really enjoyed those two games with my friends and I'm wondering if there's any similar to those listed.
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2021.12.03 20:15 ransom0374 What movie would/will you never watch?

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2021.12.03 20:15 richincleve Did you know the Wisconsin school shooting was karma for Rittenhouse? I did not know that.

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2021.12.03 20:15 cookiesandmilk300 Annie or Britta?

View Poll
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2021.12.03 20:15 vldzleo Wiring help! Hi, hope you all having a great day.. I wanted to ask for some help so I have this 1 sub dvc 1 ohm rated at 2500rms and i have a sundown salt 4 rated at 4000 at ohms.. and my questions is how do I wire it to to 1 ohm? Sound like a dumb question but yeah 😅

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2021.12.03 20:15 marshall44x DICE and EA lost out on Firestorm

EA and DICE have lost their grips with what it means to create a strong battlefield title, post BR mania. By not cashing in on Firestorm and making it F2P they missed out on a huge player base that is easily monetized. I hope EA brings back HALVOY into Portal Mode, capitalizing off that and make Firestorm a F2P game. Hazard was a mistake and they could turn the ship around. I don’t believe this game is going into Battlefield: Heroes, it doesn’t make sense money wise.
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2021.12.03 20:15 eatasslikeyoueatcake sos

How do you overcome this annoying feeling when you know your bf had sex before and you didnt and imagining your guy with another person having sex just destroys you mood and gives you crippling depression?
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2021.12.03 20:15 Daugtherofeve Movie Talk: What a Character

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2021.12.03 20:15 Money_Hunt7683 Stupid question about fees…

Hello, I know it’s not gonna happen anytime soon, but today I see ETH is down 5% and matic is up 5%, so in the impossible case of ETH = MATIC in price, which network would win the battle of the TX fees ? Eth would be cheaper or polygon would be cheaper, if, let’s say, both ETH and MATIC was worth 2000 usd each. ? Thank you to all expert to have a say in this impossible like scenario.
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2021.12.03 20:15 Testuser3000 Need friends.

Guys I’m an Indian living in Krakow landed here two months ago.. I’m like every other guy who would pass by you in a hoodie and you wouldn’t even notice. Nothing special about me but I just want some good friends here to share the drinks.. polish guys who can teach me some polish language and culture.. I’m looking for friends & brotherhood.
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2021.12.03 20:15 jamesdoe505 Doraemon Story of Seasons : $12.5 (-75%)

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