Navcoin listing?

2021.12.08 04:28 coinictus Navcoin listing?

Recently Navcoin has introduced a new privacy option and the NEXT Mobile wallet is now available on the Apple App Store. Now you can easily make public/private transactions with NAV and xNAV.
Have you considered adding Navcoin to exchange?
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2021.12.08 04:28 regeekulous How's this looking?

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2021.12.08 04:28 74538 What are people retiring now meant to invest in?

Stocks are insanely overpriced and bonds give negative returns after inflation…
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2021.12.08 04:28 jiyannareeka 181207 Mark 'Miracle' Fancam @ Music Bank

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2021.12.08 04:28 Crypexx Beat the game for the first time, didn't unlock guy

Anyone know why he didn't unlock? Was in multiplayer, and was both of our first time beating the game
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2021.12.08 04:28 mynameisteki Zekrom Raid (First 10 to add)

0111 7997 4677
(Keep an eye on this post, I’ll keep it updated)
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2021.12.08 04:28 Money_These *Restock Alert* Double Zip Pochette (DA) | Available Now

1:28am CT | US site
Double Zip Pochette
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2021.12.08 04:28 angelarl1123 Travelling to the US after receiving NOA1 for K1 visa

My fiancé and I have filed our I-129F but I have made plans to travel to the US for the Christmas holidays. I’m Canadian so I would not require a visa to enter the US but I was wondering if I might encounter any troubles with immigration. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 04:28 Jokertito Any seller for custom aluminum side panels?

I'm not a fan of glass/acrylic side panels which really cuts into my choices for a case sadly. Do you guys know of any retailer that makes aftermarket panels for cases or is this the time of work I'd be better off sourcing from a local machine shop?
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2021.12.08 04:28 MrNincompoopy Is it normal for parents to regulate when their children go to sleep and wake up if the child in question is over the age of 18?

I honestly have no idea if this is normal or not. My family comes from a culture where one kind of lives their life to honor their parents to a certain extent.
I do not know what is the norm though as I have seen polar opposites in different families. Some parents let their adult children live their own loves freely, while other hover over them like a CIA satellite.
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2021.12.08 04:28 Pristine-You717 VTL, Langkawi bubble travellers need to test for Covid every day after arrival

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2021.12.08 04:28 BugtheBug Current customizations

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2021.12.08 04:28 blookstan sus

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2021.12.08 04:28 ConditionTerrible974 AK on live, I think everything is ok

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2021.12.08 04:28 kineticstar Definitely ready for that sweet sweet steam sale!

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2021.12.08 04:28 halvsian [Request][World to Singapore][Perfume] BPAL Jiaolong, Hexennacht Santal Vanille, and pumpkin spice/chai scents

Destash list here for swapping (or selling). Willing to do international shipping if more than one scent from one source (I try to make sure the amount is greater than or equal to my shipping cost).

Hexennacht's Santal Vanille, full size
BPAL's Jiaolong, sample/decant

ISO samples/decants
Alchemic Muse's Pumpkin Chai
Andromeda's Curse's Hex
Hexennacht's Hellebore
Other scents I'm passively in search of are in the destash list - they're nice to add on, but not the main part of the order. Mostly willing to make a purchase for Santal Vanille and/or Jiaolong.
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2021.12.08 04:28 HarryLewisPot What do you guys think?

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2021.12.08 04:28 im_fritz_ Urges are back again. Day 17, I hope I won't give up.

I don't know, I won't give up, let me get my life back.
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2021.12.08 04:28 No-Way3278 Hb build

Can i use glut T nikola tesla M and edwin hibble B on HB? I dont have any of her stigs is this the cheapest setup?
Rn im still using glut T scott MB should i switch it?
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2021.12.08 04:28 DharMannSuperFann my highest revive game yet. i do not know if this is a lot but it seemed like a lot

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2021.12.08 04:28 yokesh351 CME seeks to expand client base with Ethereum micro futures offering

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), specialized in futures contracts, announced the launch of ether (ETH) micro futures contracts, in an expansion of its cryptocurrency derivatives offering.
The futures contracts, which CME calls Micro Ether, have an underlying value of 0.1 ETH and are aimed at a wider range of participants, including institutions and individual traders, according to a press release .
The conventional ETH futures contracts offered by CME are worth 50 ETH. CME also points out that the new contracts provide market participants with an additional tool to hedge the risk of spot trading.
Last May, CME began trading bitcoin micro futures contracts , as reported by Cryptp news, with a value of 0.1 BTC per contract . In its latest monthly statistics , CME states that the average daily value of bitcoin micro futures contracts is 27,600 daily contracts, which yields a total of more than 3.3 million contracts since the launch on May 3.
ETH micro futures contracts are more accessible Bitcoin futures contracts are 5 BTC, which implies that the BTC micro futures contract is 50 times less than the conventional contract. For ETH micro futures, a 500 times ratio was chosen between the value of the ETH micro futures contract and the conventional contract.
An ETH micro futures contract would be more accessible for individual traders as it would cost approximately USD 439 plus commissions, while a BTC micro futures contract is trading close to USD 5,150, plus commissions, taking as a guide the spot prices in the time of writing.
The prices of the futures contracts are determined by CME according to reference rates that come from the trading activity in the main spot exchanges.
CME's bitcoin futures contracts represented a significant boost during the 2017-2018 bull cycle, as both the announcement of the contracts and the launch of the contracts significantly boosted the price of bitcoin. The all-time high of December 2017 coincided with the launch of CME's bitcoin futures on December 17 of that year.
The development of Ethereum cryptocurrency, although it fell in price from its historical maximum, its price decreased 9%, while bitcoin has declined 23% compared to its maximum value of November 10, according to the Crypto news price index .
Compared to BTC, ETH reached a peak on December 6, of 0.085, as reported by CryptoNews. The last time ETH achieved that relationship with BTC was in May 2018.
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2021.12.08 04:28 Renangomes1994 My collection of Berserk so far

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2021.12.08 04:28 Angelajapan New Limited Edition Theme Update - P1Harmony “We will go”

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2021.12.08 04:28 Sonofslang FATBOY NFT investment opportunity check comments for opensea link (trades and offers welcome)

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2021.12.08 04:28 kobrakaan Thanks Amazon I'll take that at £37 ($48) (€43) another box set to my ever growing collection 👍

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