A row in Spanish with Benitez in front of team-mates: why Digne was dropped for Arsenal match

2021.12.08 03:16 hypernermalization A row in Spanish with Benitez in front of team-mates: why Digne was dropped for Arsenal match

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2021.12.08 03:16 IrateRapscallion [Displaced] - Chapter 107 Part 1

[Displaced] - Chapter 107 Part 1
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The Flying Toaster gently swayed back and forth as the air currents buffeted its gargantuan form. The oscillation proved just enough to make Blake mildly seasick, which he would normally have remedied the same way he used to deal with car sickness back in the day: by staring out at the distant horizon to steady his stomach. Unfortunately, though he sat within feet of the airship’s helm, there was no horizon in sight right now. Normally, a span of windows ran from the back left of the cabin around the front to the back right side, providing an expansive view in two hundred and seventy degrees. For this flight, however, those windows were coated with a film of opaque tucrenyx, partly out of consideration for the wellbeing of his passenger and partly for the wellbeing of his floors.
Over the course of several trips, Gabriela Carreno had single-handedly made Blake grateful he’d never gotten around to installing carpet throughout his precious zeppelin. Given how much work it took to clean her copious vomit on these metal floors—and that didn’t even consider the smell—he couldn’t imagine trying to get it out of a thick, luxurious rug. That was why he’d consented to her request to block all the windows for this trip. It wasn’t like he needed the view to pilot, anyway. A single viewscreen hooked up to a swiveling camera placed on the ship’s bow did the job well enough for the moment. He just liked the view.
Gabriela did not. Even with the windows sealed off so she could best pretend that they weren’t floating a thousand feet in the air, the woman looked to Blake’s eyes to be barely holding herself together. Blake had never dealt with somebody confronting a severe phobia head-on like this before, and he honestly didn’t know what to do.
He didn’t even know why she was here. He knew from experience that she could easily outrun the airship, even if he threw every last bit of power into its engines. She could have just sprinted north and relaxed for a while until he caught up.
Perhaps the reason she’d decided to ride along pertained to the third person in the cabin, though Blake often failed to think of the Many in that way. It was so easy to forget that they were human, given how... inhuman their presence felt. They were more like statues of living flesh, barely breathing, much less moving.
As was the plan, he’d brought a Many along, just in case Sofie appeared during this trip. Given how heavy-handed in his life Murphy’s Law seemed to be since the transfer, that meant that she’d definitely show up. And, whether or not his foolish idea worked, Gabriela would need the Many to communicate with the others on the way back.
So far, the Many remained as motionless as ever, seemingly unfazed by any rocking, swinging, swaying, or assorted turbulence that they came across so far. Blake idly wondered how often they had to eat, or how long before they would need to poop. He hadn’t brought any Many handlers along, since nobody could know about his current even-worse-than-normal condition, so if anything happened, it was up to the two of them—meaning Gabriela, while he provided moral support—to take care of any issues.
It wasn’t that he was totally useless right now; he could still manipulate metal, create circuits, and operate preexisting technology without issue. Heck, even the fiery pain, which assaulted him every time he entered Hyper Mode since Sofie’s attack, had gradually faded with each passing day to the point where it now was just a bad case of heartburn. But all that said, he still could barely even move his arm, the vile foe known as gravity always there to thwart him.
Back on Earth, Blake had treated his body like crap. More so, he’d taken it for granted. Getting a new and improved body upon arrival on Scyria hadn’t helped; even when he’d lost part of his left arm to Yarec’s obsidian blade, he’d largely shrugged it off. But after his encounter with Sam, everything had changed. It turned out, shockingly enough, that having half your body suddenly stolen away really made you appreciate what you’d once had.
Now, he was experiencing that same feeling all over again. Lacking the ability to even lift his one remaining arm, he found himself pining for the days of mere partial-paralysis. If, through some miracle, he ever regained a functioning body, he swore to cherish it like the priceless treasure that it was. A proper diet, exercise, yoga, coffee enemas... the works.
To manage that, however, he needed to survive the upcoming year. Or month. Or week, to be honest. That was why he had decided to powered-wheelchair his ass directly in front of a dragon’s maw.
Some would say that willingly bothering a dragon, especially one with which you already have bad blood, is pure suicidal stupidity. Some had said it, straight to his face. But Blake’s options were limited at this point; If the Stragmans wouldn’t help him, he only had two remaining: kidnap their healer or find another one.
The former option was more a pipe dream than a real possibility, sadly. There were over ten million Stragmans in their massive migrating city, and he had no idea where they were hiding the one person in there who could help him. They probably moved the healer around, too, to make it harder to find them. And even if he did manage to locate them, extracting them would still pose a heavy challenge. A super-dense rainforest was practically kryptonite to complicated machines like skitters. And even if he succeeded, what guaranteed that the rescued Stragman healer would even be willing to help him?
That left a highly violent and angry dragon as his only option. Blake knew full well that this was indeed crazy, reckless, and tantamount to jumping from a plane without a parachute. But his calculus had changed since the last episode, and the sensations he’d felt from his body since had only confirmed his original decision as the right one.
Not for the first time, Blake found himself wishing he had a Scyrian body. He had always been jealous of the remarkable healing ability Scyrians exhibited. Given that it was apparently normal not just for humans, but for elves and beastkin as well, he didn’t believe it to be biological in nature. According to Arlette, the theory most widely believed in Scyrian academia—or at least, most widely believed two decades ago, when she’d last learned about it—was that Scyrians had a form of subconscious Feeling going on at all times. In the back of their minds, they knew what their body felt like, and they unknowingly would revert themselves back to what they felt to be “right” and “normal”.
It explained why injuries like lost limbs couldn’t be healed, while other heavy wounds could be completely recovered from in a matter of days. Losing a body part would be enough to shock a person and recompile their subconscious feeling of what their body’s “normal” was. After all, it would be hard to maintain the old “normal” when you can’t see or feel or use your arm anymore. Blake would know.
It also explained why such a filthy world wasn’t rampant with disease. In fact, there seemed to be almost no disease at all, with the only known ones being both incredibly strong and incredibly rare. He could only surmise that anything under a certain threshold of deadliness would simply be no match for the combination of an immune system and that subconscious healing.
Sadly, since Earthlings in Scyria couldn’t Feel or Observe like Scyrians could, they couldn’t heal like Scyrians either. They were, however, superhumanly tough. This, he could attest to personally. A normal Earthling would have died from the aftermath of losing an arm, but he hadn’t. The knife to the back, as well, should have done him in. The others had corroborated his thoughts. Even Sofie, the weakest physically of the three of them, had been able to soldier through extended periods of little to no food, water, and sleep without breaking down.
But even a superhumanly tough body had its limit, and it seemed that Blake had found it. He was little more than a mind in a lump of meat at this point, barely able to breathe, let alone move. Once-simple acts he’d always taken for granted were beyond him now. Ever since waking up from his Sofie-induced slumber, he’d lacked the physical strength to effectively talk. Despite his hopes, his body had not regained the strength he needed for full-throated speech; the opposite had happened, in fact. Only Scyria’s strange but fortuitous “meaning transferal” allowed him to communicate efficiently now through a smattering of wheezes, sighs, weak coughs, gasps, and grunts.
He heard a small gasp behind him, the sort he’d grown to recognized as a Many roughly emerging from their stupor.
“Hello? Is anybody there?” a meek and muffled female voice called out. Blake swiveled his chair around to find a half-size Sofie projected in midair, her voice, face, and body language combining to make her the personification of contrition. He immediately noticed the grey metal collar around her neck and felt a flash of satisfaction. He’d trusted that Arlette would follow his command in this matter, and she had justified his trust in her.
The bulky collar, more than two inches thick and over an inch tall all the way around her neck, looked almost comical on Sofie’s slight frame. Nothing could be done about that, sadly. He’d needed that much metal to house and protect the cantacrenyx crystals needed to power the device’s different functions, especially the choking one. That was one of the limitations of crystal tech: the size of the crystal often dramatically impacted the forms of what they powered, sometimes for the worse.
The rest of Sofie didn’t look anywhere near as well-off as his shiny new restraint collar. The younger woman looked worn out and beaten down, her face sunken in and her body thinned out. The puffiness around her eyes told him she’d been crying heavily not too long ago. Looking closer, he felt confusion at what appeared to be a large quantity of cloth stuffed into her mouth.
The illusory Sofie was focused on Gabriela, who had been lying right in front of the Many. Blake, being farther away and off to the side, was outside what would be shown on her end. For the moment, he decided to stay out of view. Who knew what the girl was capable of, and how unstable she might be? Better to wait and see for now. He wouldn’t survive another incident.
“Sofie, you’re back!” Gabriela exclaimed, sitting up in a flash. Climbing to her feet—or to one foot, to be more accurate—she hopped over to the Many and pulled aside the veil covering the face to let Sofie see her. “What happened to you?! You look terrible! What’s that thing around your neck? And is that a cloth stuffed in your mouth?”
“It’s a long story,” Sofie deflected. “I’m sorry, Gabby. I’m sorry for hurting you and for everything else. I won’t ever do it again, I promise.”
“It was an accident,” Gabriela replied like a mother comforting a child.
“You’re really not mad at me?” Sofie asked with a sniff, puzzled but hopeful. “Arlette is furious at me right now.”
“I know what it’s like to make big mistakes and then have to live with them,” Gabriela said softly. “I wouldn’t hate you for something you didn’t do maliciously. But please, tell me you know a way to let me stand properly again.”
“I... I don’t know if I do,” Sofie admitted. “I thought I found something that worked, but then it didn’t work for Arlette, so I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I was hoping you would let me try and figure out what’s happening.”
“Please, you have no idea how annoying this is.”
“Okay, here goes. I hope this works through a Many...” Sticking her fingers in her mouth, Sofie pulled out what looked like two balled-up socks. She seemed to collect herself as she took a long, deep breath. “I forgive you.”
Blake couldn’t help himself and let out a long scathing wheeze—as scathing as wheezes could be, at least. “Excuuuuuuuuussssssseeeeee me?! You what?!
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2021.12.08 03:16 Xollzy- Looking for teammates to que with no mic needed

I have solo queued most of my ranked games and it's always really good or really bad. Last season in crystal guard I got lucky and placed high plat 1, but not lucky when i was a game off Diamond and got pushed back back.this new season I continued to solo que ranked and placed plat 2, but again pushed back to gold 1. I struggle with getting matched with bad randoms, and I myself have a few bad games here and there . Again I am looking for anyone that wants to play w no mic: NA/PS4
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2021.12.08 03:16 Mookadonia After 15 months and the onset of winter, the stray cat that lives in my garage has expanded his frontier to the landing just inside the door.

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2021.12.08 03:16 westernguy339 Ever pooped in the ocean?

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2021.12.08 03:16 hxcjonnysniper Infinite has redonkulous sbmm

SBMM will kill this game... every single game I break even or go negative. I checked my stats on halotracker and have 1.00 k/d and a 50.1% win rate. I mean you cant make this shit up. Honestly I might be done and the game isn't even out of beta phase yet. At least apex gives me death recaps this game it's like flipping a coin to see who's last bullet or melee is strongest. Just boring and unacceptable for a game with a ranked system built in. Quick play is sweatier than ranked it's kinda hilarious. 343 and the lack of content and excuses on why there is a lack of content are lying to everyone halo has been a thing for over a decade and they're acting like the reinvented the wheel. Fuck it.
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2021.12.08 03:16 Dark4legenD Dark knight solo raids

What teams are you guys using to one shot boss atrocitus and boss Harley… takes me too long to finish them
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2021.12.08 03:16 joefart669 Daughter/step-daughter tributes

Father's I want your daughters. Looking for openminded cuck dads who want to see their girl used. Ever wonder what she would look like covered in cum? K.ik joefart669 Taking private requests as long as post is still up.
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2021.12.08 03:16 c_goeppinger12 Help with my new desk lamps!

So I have been building a (L) desk for more space to do art. I bought these 3 great swing arm mechanical looking wall mounted / desk lamps for my desk setup. The first problem is the outlet is on the short side of the (L) desk and the lamps cords wont reach to the Power strip that's plugged in. My second problem is that I know its bad to daisy chain extension cords so I wont be doing that but would it be ok if I extended those cords on the lamps with more cord and sotter them and wire them up at the length needed? Also if I were to do that would the light be dimmer on the lamp?
Thanks (:
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2021.12.08 03:16 Standard-Musician510 Someone use me

Use me
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2021.12.08 03:16 After-Emphasis-3058 Which is better for external storage for the Pro: External Hard drive like Seagate or Micro SD card?

Which is better for external storage for the Pro: External Hard drive like Seagate or Micro SD card? The only downside I have is those MicroSD cards are so small that you can lose it easily. I would like to get your opinion this. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 03:16 hatefulone851 Pulled almost exact doubles of all the secrets I pulled from a box .The right and left were the exact same secrets in the same order except the very last pack

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2021.12.08 03:16 Skaitavia This "ape" DRS botted 10k shares to hit 1 million shares fed to the bot and the mods on that sub didn't even bother verify it, ignored requests to verify, and the "ape" refused to show proof. Why is this so fishy and being swept under the rug?

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2021.12.08 03:16 Mod-Mod13 SKALE VP Solutions engineering, Christine Perry, to be featured in The Fintech Times Women in Fintech series

SKALE VP Solutions engineering, Christine Perry, to be featured in The Fintech Times Women in Fintech series 🎊 Excited for our very own Christine Perry, VP Solutions engineering, to be featured in The Fintech Times #Women in #Fintech series! An outstanding and key member of the SKALE core team. Go Christine!!!
💥 Like and retweet!!! https://twitter.com/SkaleNetwork/status/1460349768455000066?s=20
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2021.12.08 03:16 LifeAHobo UBC Math Department has a good sense of humour--

UBC Math Department has a good sense of humour--
Visit the site at Math Department Photos to watch Dr. Jim Bryan getting his portrait-self mind blown
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2021.12.08 03:16 YaB0yEddie Some of my favourite photo's I've taken

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2021.12.08 03:16 crebspark OG Cats NFT PRE-LAUNCH

OG Cats NFT PRE-LAUNCH Hey collectors, OG Cats NFT PRE-LAUNCH Community Days is happening right now.

Genesis/OG Cat NFTs, Whitelist spots, ETH prizes, and more are up for grabs! 🤑

You are invited! https://discord.gg/QrpvSWVYJf
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2021.12.08 03:16 HYPER1NO Anyone else had this matchmaking error? Even for SOLO mode

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2021.12.08 03:16 PolyWolf_ My first Babish recreation! Pasta Aglio E Olio. Added some lemon chicken and roast veges.

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