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what word comes to your mind when you see the # symbol?

2021.12.03 20:30 SUPERazkari what word comes to your mind when you see the # symbol?

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2021.12.03 20:30 Aggravating_Tough_81 Anybody else waiting fo a part 3

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2021.12.03 20:30 dukebarrett Using ipad

I have never used MPC but I am dying to make some of the proxies I see on here. I only have an iPad. What are my options in putting in an order?
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2021.12.03 20:30 IGHZER Dynasty Loops A Ok WAV

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2021.12.03 20:30 FFrayless Why Was The Carrot Crop Texture Changed In It's Third Stage (1.18)

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2021.12.03 20:30 AMC1010 new video about the game awards
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2021.12.03 20:30 realjasong Who would you bet on to be the ultimate final boss of the entire game?

Who would you bet on to be the ultimate final boss of the entire game?
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2021.12.03 20:30 Obazilla If anyone else is playing on Game Pass and figures out how to get mods working, please explain what you did here! TY!

So currently I have SV installed through the Xbox Game Pass and it says that I can enable mods, and lets me install them into a folder. However, I can't install a mod manager to that same folder because windows installs SV in a secured, locked down folder. The xbox website says that mod managers can't be installed to that locked down folder and it is intended that way, and I would need to relocate the game files. I tried relocating where the game is installed to so that I could add a the mod manager that way and it did not work out. If anyone else is playing SV on game pass and is successfully using mods, please let us know how!
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2021.12.03 20:30 A_Screw Engine misfire after replacing fuel filter

So right after installing a new fuel filter, I get error codes P0316 and P0305, with noticeable engine shaking. Seems to happen more at idle than at higher rpms. This is on a 2002 F150 5.4L triton v8. Any ideas?
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2021.12.03 20:30 TheMuleUS WICKED

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2021.12.03 20:30 alvarocp3 FPS issues on rust

Hello there bought the game in this last sale. No matter what settings I change my fps is always between 90 and 100, minimum or max, is that common? My pc is
I5 11400f RTX 3060 16 gb@3200mhz
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2021.12.03 20:30 Takayuki-Yagami I do not think that Negan is a rapist.

(I am looking for a friendly discussion. If you feel like calling me names for sharing my opinion, please refrain from doing so.)
I would like to share my opinion on this because i disagree with with the people saying he is one. I don’t think he is a rapist at all. It’s a long post but i would like to share my views.
I’m not defending any of the bad things Negan has done, but rape is not one of his crimes. Negan did use his authority to create a little harem of women for himself, because he gets dibs on the best resources in Sanctuary, and he has his own penthouse apartment going on. He’s the leader. He gets the perks. Well, somewhere along the way, he decided it’d be fun to shack up with multiple women. So, he started offering women he found attractive the opportunity to live with him as his ‘wives’. If they said no, that was it. If they said yes, they got to join, but the one stipulation was that they couldn’t cheat on him.
His women were not 'stolen’ from their men. He did not 'threaten’ the women to join him or die. He did not 'threaten’ their loved ones. This misinformation gets thrown around all the time. People saying he does all of the things mentioned above, are misinformed. In fact, these are the things Negan actually does:
Negan proposing sex to Olivia in Alexandria, and she slaps him. He admires her for that before dropping the matter entirely, never to bring it up again.
Negan to Rick: ‘As much as I love violence, I absolutely fucking hate sexual violence. It’s…unseemly.’
Negan to Amber: Your position here is completely voluntary. I don’t want anyone here if they don’t want to be. You understand that, right? So you know if you want to leave, and go back to Mark and be with him, you’ll forfeit your privileges and go back to whatever job you had before Sherry brought you to us, but you can.’
Dwight about Sherry: 'She chose it, thought it’d make our lives easier.’
Laura speaking to Dwight about Sherry: 'When you guys got here, and Negan offered her safety and luxury, what did she do? She kicked your ass to the curb. Negan didn’t pressure her. Negan didn’t force her to do anything. He just offered her something she wanted.’
He doesn’t coerce them. I see people here argue that: ‘A choice between being killed or having sex is rape’ normally it would be, but that is not at all what happens in this case. What Negan does is more like prostitution, Negan is their pimp. I’m not defending Negan’s sleazy nature, all i am saying is that he did nothing but present an offer, join me and live in luxury or don’t and work for points, and some women took him up on it. That’s it. They’re all adults and they’re all consenting.
Yes I realize things become problematic when the Iron comes into play. The Iron is an iron that is heated and used to put a 'mark of shame’ upon a rulebreaker. If Negan’s wives are caught cheating on him, they have a choice to leave or stay. But if they stay, as a form of punishment he 'brands’ the man with the Iron. Only two men have this mark in all of Sanctuary, Mark and Dwight. Both men who had sex with Negan’s wives. Do I think this is going too far? Yep, it’s barbaric and sadistic. Even in a world like that of the walking dead. But i also think that if you sign up for a gig, you need to follow the rules. Amber and Sherry both could have chosen to leave, they chose to stay. If they missed the men they had before, they could have chosen to leave.
While it’s sleazy, that’s all it is. There’s no great 'rapey Davey’ conspiracy going on. There is no canon evidence of him being a rapist.
‘He steals every man’s woman in Sanctuary.’
Not every man in Sanctuary has a woman. They’re all okay with Negan 'stealing’ them? What about women who are single? There are several Savior women who aren’t in Negan’s harem. Tara, Molly, and Laura are just a few of the ones with names. On the show we have Laura and Arat, two high ranking Saviors who aren’t in his harem.
‘The women will starve if they don’t have sex with Negan’
Nope, no canon evidence of this either. Everyone is on the same point system. If the women would starve, then so would the men. And the men don’t even have the choice to become a wife of Negan.
'Women have to trade their bodies for points’
No evidence of this either. What IS canon is that Negan executed David when he caught him attempting to rape a female prisoner. She had destroyed their gates and let in a walker herd. While Negan does end up killing her, or having her killed, he does not tolerate her being abused and raped for no reason.
Killing an enemy is one thing. Raping and tormenting them for no reason has no point to him. This is canon. Even the most vile and violent things he does have a reason in HIS MIND. That is not to say his reasoning is sound. But it is to say he does not kill or torture 'just for the fun of it’ and he certainly doesn’t allow rape 'just for the fun of it, or because she’s gonna die anyway.’
Negan to David: ‘Repeat after me. WE. DON’T. RAPE. David, this is unacceptable. Rape is against the rules here. You remember the rules, don’t you? You’ve really crossed a line here, you stupid fuck.’
From what i have seen i simply do not believe Negan is a rapist.
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2021.12.03 20:30 moronthisatnine fuck you, and hasta la lunes, baby

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2021.12.03 20:30 Ashleykawaiigali does anyone its interested on a discord account with nitro and boosts?

i can accept rhd am pets or robux
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2021.12.03 20:30 VIwatcher Kann mir jemand helfen auf Luise oder Feli zu kommen?

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2021.12.03 20:30 ShortAlgo $HXL Strong Short signal on HXL

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2021.12.03 20:30 handercillo05 Ranking the holy bible

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2021.12.03 20:30 Affectionate_Photo19 I knew this would happen

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2021.12.03 20:30 Dr_Singularity NEW Polestar Precept: The Most BEAUTIFUL Electric Car So Far? | 4K

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2021.12.03 20:30 strictsum010 "Let's Pretend We're Married"

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2021.12.03 20:30 yaboithenoodler Chopped down our own Christmas tree this year.. It ain't pretty but it was free!

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2021.12.03 20:30 JoeTag92 Anyone know what these are? Bought around 10 years ago from an official shop and they have been firm favourites for concerts for years but they finally need retiring (or maybe resoling) I can’t find any info on them anywhere

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2021.12.03 20:30 S_k_e_n_n Had this bird come to my window every day for a few weeks now, would love to know what it is. North Tunisia.

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2021.12.03 20:30 Isaue [A7Riv + 200-600/5.6-6.3] White-tailed Eagle, Sweden 29/11

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2021.12.03 20:30 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $4.99 Vintage Buffalo Check Plaid Double Sided Yard Flag with Red Truck, 12.5 x 18 Inch

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