Help please! Can you explain this lines?

2022.01.29 09:38 donflaming-o Help please! Can you explain this lines?

This is just part of the big code, but i dont understand what is happening in 2 and 4 paragraph ( lines after duzs and lines after delay). Thank you so much!!!
[I_grana_prijem_fir, zf1 ] = filter(h_fir2, 1, I_grana_prijem); [Q_grana_prijem_fir, zf2 ] = filter(h_fir2, 1, Q_grana_prijem);
duzs = length(I_grana_prijem_fir); duzr = length(zf1); ▶️I_grana_prijem_fir(duzs+1:duzs+duzr) = zf1; ▶️Q_grana_prijem_fir(duzs+1:duzs+duzr) = zf2;
I_grana_prijem_down = downsample(I_grana_prijem_fir,M1up); Q_grana_prijem_down = downsample(Q_grana_prijem_fir,M1up);
delay = N_fi(M1up2); ▶️I_grana_prijem_down = ▶️I_grana_prijem_down(2delay+1:end-2delay); ▶️Q_grana_prijem_down = ▶️Q_grana_prijem_down(2delay+1:end-2*delay);
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2022.01.29 09:38 Dudenleser ich_iel

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2022.01.29 09:38 DarkCharizard81 Cannot kill a family battery is found in me

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2022.01.29 09:38 JoltyDark_2000 Hikari Zero

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2022.01.29 09:38 JohnMorgan98 Sorry guys

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2022.01.29 09:38 ChaosOnMoon [F27] Airport selfie⏳

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2022.01.29 09:38 JamesonRaider Got tired of discover weekly not showing me random songs so I started making my own... 1 Hour of Music To Know (Updated Weekly)... this week is a special themed one, rarely do those but self-care is always needed this time of year

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2022.01.29 09:38 Fletcher-_ J Cole and Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick: DAMN. I fucked up bro.😰
J Cole: must feel like a MIDDLE CHILD right now huh?🤣
Kendrick: I wasnt being HUMBLE. and now I lost all my Family Ties. 🙁
J Cole: dumb fuck 😭 should’ve never had those Wet Dreamz 💦
Kendrick: really dude? Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe 😑 i already lost all my PRIDE.🤕
J Cole: sorry bro, too bad She Knows what happened, anyways I have Foldin’ Clothes to do, see ya! 👕
Kendrick: (to himsef) just be calm k dot. we gon be Alright 😪
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2022.01.29 09:38 hitman162 Bianca B 🍫🍑

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2022.01.29 09:38 GemataZaria How would you go about overexposing footage in dark locations in order to bring it back in post and reduce noise?

I guess it's pretty self explanatory. Overexpose in camera, bring it back in post, reduce noise.
However, I can't seem to manage it. I always shoot one stop over, and at dark locations even higher. I also try to never go over my camera's base ISO (800 on clog3) or above 1250-1600.
When I bring it back, I apply Canon's official Clog3 to 709 Lut, and typically darken the shadows and brighten the highlights a bit before I start grading.
I know no noise at all is virtually impossible, but it's at a point where it's barely passable for commercial work.
Of course, I'm not talking about filming in a place where there are no lights at all.
I'm using a Canon R6 on the latest firmware 1.5 and edit in Premiere.
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2022.01.29 09:38 VCBeugelaar Disconnect glitch

I stumbled upon 4 people today that are losing by big margins in friendlies, pause the game and I get forced out of FUT. No it’s not my network. Anybody else noticed this?
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2022.01.29 09:38 booknerd_12 Hunger games video on youtube

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2022.01.29 09:38 Independent-Smoke538 My ex keisha

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2022.01.29 09:38 Orpheus111 I love ever single one of you smelly apes 🦍❤️ STACK ON! 💪🏽🎊

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2022.01.29 09:38 Vapidmusings John Williams - "Theme From Superman"

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2022.01.29 09:38 shanesdad2000 120 more for the bot!

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2022.01.29 09:38 Noiseframe Homekit doesn't seem to update the room layout correctly. Added a new light to the kitchen and Siri won't turn it in or off when asked to toggle the lights in the kitchen. Anyone encountered this before?

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2022.01.29 09:38 TheMan_Gingerhair Daddy Issues

I’m struggling how to feel right now because I mean I know what he did was wrong and there was only a handful of times my dad didn’t make me feel bad, but I miss those times. I miss the times when he didn’t do all that to me. I hate him, of course, but my inner child is screaming to be comforted by him again. I used to “love” him, but growing older he was a monster towards me. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong as usual, but the case is going to court.
Having split parents is terrible. My mum is quite, manipulative if she wants to be. She guilt trips, etc, but she’s great OVERALL. I accept she cannot help it and that’s fine, we have a good NONE abusive relationship. I love her, and she loves me. She is kind.
However my dad, he has a short temper, aggressive, throws things when the slightest inconvenience happens. Overall: scary. For a young child like me, he was scary.
Like I chose not to see him because of how he made me feel and the things he did to me, yet I miss the side of him that I rarely saw. The nice, act. I won’t ever get that back though.
I’m upset now but I realise you have to come to terms with things like this, so I’m trying to, my best.
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2022.01.29 09:38 Motor-Ad-8858 Hong Kong University Covers Up Tiananmen Crackdown Memorial

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2022.01.29 09:38 Puzzleheaded-Two221 What could we do about earth killing comet coming for earth

Im no Astrophysicstion or whatever, but i recently watched, Don't look up. ( A movie about a 10km astroid coming to destroy earth) I wonder what could we actually do if an asteroid of this size came towards earth how could we stop it. So what would be our best option to stop it?
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2022.01.29 09:38 tr1stan24 Help me please

Hi I'm 14 and I have a semi active life with sports and exercise and I have been having this pain at the top of the back of my thigh that is really bad to the point that I can't walk I have tried stretching and painkillers but nothing has worked and it's really really bad. Any advice?
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2022.01.29 09:38 FlamingoTop8041 [WTS] Mp5 a3 f 4 position stock 800$ (NC)

New never installed. 800$ to ya door. Open to trades looking for a t-2 to put on my mp5k and a Safariland glock 45 with tlr1-hl holster. pics
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2022.01.29 09:38 BeigeListed Meanwhile, in New Jersey...

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2022.01.29 09:38 LilacMoonlight_Xx Inositol

Is inositol worth trying if I don't have insulin resistance? Trying to find a way of regulating my periods.
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2022.01.29 09:38 Rodamoebas5613 Rodamoebas5613 sand strides into Death Battle gonna make a tier list if I get enough opponents

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