Hi Everyone , I am a guy who is 25 yo , I graduated as an aerospace engineer. I had only one previous relationship it started when I was 18 and ended when I was 23 as she cheated on me and left. I consider my self a very caring person and I did the 16personalities test three times and got ISFJ-A which surprised me a bit as I think rationally most of the time. I used to love going to cinema and watch movies but after unfortunate situations, I can't do it anymore but hopefully might get back to it with the right person. as for now I like sometimes to play video games, watch anime and just spend time with a person whom I can care about. I am looking for a serious relationship as I take it very seriously and if I start a relationship for me it mean I want to be with that person no matter what happen and hopefully get married and that is what I thought with my previous relationship. I am not the kind of guy that is looking for experience or only having good time together then leave each other. Relationship = future marriage and choosing each other everyday no matter what life throw at us we can do it together that is how I look at it and I am hoping to find someone who think the same and be around my age. I usually don't meet a lot of people and thought I might as well post here maybe the right person will see my post. as for my appearance I am 183 cm I used to be fit as I went to play MMA and football 3-4 times a week but then I had not really good period in my life which changed a lot of things (can tell you all about it when we talk as it's a very long story basically the story of my life ) and I stopped going so I am kinda more slim than fit at the moment around 75 kg but I am working on getting back to being a sportsman. I have short black hair and brown eyes.
so if you are interested in talking to me or if you wanna get to know me more and I get to know you ,don't be shy and send me your age and where are you from and we can start talking from there. I am looking forward to talk to you :) and hope you all have a good day.
PS: we can exchange pics after we talk with each other for a bit
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2022.01.29 10:21 yeekay2610 Had fun when collabing to be able to stitch onto energy cards :D Pattern lasercutted for me to stitch on

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2022.01.29 10:21 Meadow-fresh Krillin is sooooo good. Gonna be hard to beat him this year! Link in comments for 360 images too.

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2022.01.29 10:21 B_FunniDood When was a moment when God saved you?

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2022.01.29 10:21 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Ymen.Finance (YMEN) - Step By Step Guide

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2022.01.29 10:21 C3realKiller24 [GNOME] tired of the usual GTK themes, guess it worked out

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2022.01.29 10:21 samisanant How can I perk this Round Baby Pigface up? I got 4 today and they are droopy. (Or, are they meant to be floppy?)

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2022.01.29 10:21 killdog9876 Am i in the wrong here?

so, my parents are searching through my drawers and personnal belongings for no apparent reason, am i in the wrong for not liking this?
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2022.01.29 10:21 polentx Como en las series: la vertiginosa transformación digital del mercado de drogas

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2022.01.29 10:21 denina_malina Working on book for 5+ years, only 2 chapters in

I've been working on my book since I was 16, I've re-vamped the entire worldbuilding/magic system at least twice, I've started writing and then stopped 2/3 chapters in to start all over again, with a slightly different plot. I'm on rewrite 4, I believe, and just written 2 chapters.
Will I ever finish this damn book? I love the idea, I love the plot, I love writing it, but I always find so many flaws in my own writing (just thinking it's not good enough despite friends and family telling me it is) that I give up for half a year, only to re-write everything I've written so far.
Did anyone else struggle with this? Is there any hope of me finishing this book?
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2022.01.29 10:21 Glum-Maize5549 (Best) Friends with benefits? Looking for unbiased opinions to help me process a personal trauma. Long text.

I met someone in the last semester of my studies abroad (both being immigrants from different countries), we started dating casually, and eventually, we moved to different cities of the given foreign country. We kept visiting and dating each other but we didn’t discuss the relationship and we were not exclusive. 6 months later I had to move out and while visiting my family in my home country and considering giving up on life abroad I was invited by this person to move to their city, get their help and try again life abroad. I decided to do that. The relationship eventually became more serious (without discussing it and giving it labels) and while I was trying to find a job and roof over my head this person fell in love with me. At that time I was grateful for having such a person in my life but my feelings were not the same. I had too much in my head and honestly felt attracted, had crushes on other people, and didn’t want to be exclusive. I thought it was not fair to keep doing that to us and that it made no sense to make our relationship more serious (which I would like to do when someone says they love me). I told that to the other person but I could not break up the relationship. We decided to try to keep things as they were before. It didn’t quite work. Eventually, I got a good job offer in another city and decided to move. This time it felt wrong to keep having a relationship that seemed too shaky and one-sided to survive long distances. I broke up before moving out and did all I could to try to respect this person and keep a friendship. I felt so much shame and guilt on hurting this person but ultimately it felt like the right thing to do. I live in the given “new” city for almost 5 years now. In the first year, I tried to adapt well to the city and failed miserably. I missed my old city and friends from there(the special someone included). We started reconnecting again but I still felt guilty. I tried to make sure the person was ok and make clear that we were just friends now. The other person kept saying they were ok and that they were becoming annoyed with my concerns and that “I was not that special”. It took me a few months to actually believe the person was over it and eventually one night when visiting each other we ended up hooking up again. It felt like a mistake. I tried to make sure the person had no feelings anymore that hooking up was fine and that we were just friends. The other person agreed. I decided to trust it. We kept doing it. For 3 years we kept living apart, being good friends, and whenever we visited each other, we wouldn’t date anyone else, we would travel and hang out as friends and sleep together almost every night. Other friends were against it and it felt like it was us against the world. We were friends with benefits. We became best friends with benefits. We nailed it. We said we loved each other and it felt genuine. We became the most important relationship to each other but we were not boyfriend/girlfriend. It still missed a spark for me and from my perspective the other person had lost the spark too. We were free to date other people, we (at least I ) talked about it openly but whenever we were in each other’s town… that was it, the most important relationship, the best friends… no time for others. Then, Covid happened. As most people did, I struggled a lot and tried to run to my loved ones. We visited each other more often, we said “I love you” more often… I started feeling different, more vulnerable, open, and connected but I couldn’t quite nail it until Xmas time 2020. I tried to get a vacation and go to my home country to visit my parents but that didn’t work. Xmas is a very special date to me and I was burnt out and depressed from the first year of COVID. My “best friend” knowing the situation invited me then to spend Xmas together at their place and stay as long as I needed. I was so happy. I felt so accepted. I arrived one week before Xmas and after a few hours of looking and feeling each other’s presence, I was sure that there was a spark and that I was in love. That person has been so special to me, we love each other….I had no doubts, finally! So, I started to ask around their dating life and to my surprise “my best friend” was dating someone for two months. They didn’t tell me about it before the trip. From my side, I had told them about one-off dates from tinder or people that I dated for a bit longer. Meanwhile, they have been dating someone for two months, never told me about it, and still invited me to spend Xmas together as if nothing had changed. They tell me then that they are getting to know each other that I am more important and that if this new person wasn’t fine with our relationship that would have been a deal-breaker. So on the person’s word: “We are fine”. Since we were not boyfriend/girlfriend I tried to keep it together. I decided tho to share how I felt then and ask if they thought we still had a shot. To my surprise once more “my best friend” tells me: “Now? No. I’ve been in love with you for 4 years. Now is too late.” … I don’t remember a more painful WTF in my life… the following days were full of drama, begging for a chance, crying, discussion, love, and even sex…. A gigantic mess… to add to all of it, the person tells me that they will have Xmas dinner with their new date. To me, that was another gigantic WTF. We had never overlapped dates. I never dated someone else when “my best friend “ was in town. How can they do that to me? Especially when they know I am in love, hurt, and that it will hurt me even more. How can this person say that they love me? It all felt unreal and I tried to keep my shit together, save whatever relationship we had out of despair. I just hoped that this person wouldn’t go through with it. But well, they did. I was left at their apartment holding my tears and anger while my “best friend” went to have Xmas dinner and eventually slept with someone new to me and hidden by them for 2 months. That night at their apartment I didn’t sleep a single minute and cried my way out to a train station at 5 am and took a 6-hour ride home. In the following weeks, I spent most days alone, hurt AF, and got suicidal thoughts. I also lost my job (partly as consequence). I didn’t want to be awake and face my life. I couldn’t believe someone that I judged the most important person in my life could do that to me. This person was supposed to love me. They fucking said so. I never felt so hurt, lonely, rejected, and abandoned in my life. I tried to discuss it with them afterward, fix it somehow or allow them to save at least our friendship. But from the other person's side the efforts never went beyond saying “I’m sorry you feel this way… I know I fucked it up but I can’t undo what I did…I can’t be what you need right now”. They decided to push through with their new relationship and with our breakup. They didn’t try to give us a shot or at least to fix/repair the damage they made. There was no effort on their part. I felt insignificant. As if I was crazy and living in a parallel reality. As if I was just some random guy that she used to fuck now and then. Not someone you love. Not a best friend. Not someone with that you have had sexual relationships for years. To me, it felt like a massive lack of emotional responsibility and communication. I can understand someone feeling in love for years and eventually losing hope and moving on. But this person made me believe they were not “in love” and that they loved and respected me as a best friend. On top of that, we were sexual partners and this person was having sex with someone else for 2 months without telling me… which is something I would never do to them. I know I can’t expect everyone to be like me. Also, there is no universal truth and no one is perfect. But my values are strong on honesty and respect. If I have something that bothers me, I try to talk about it. If I say that I love you I mean it. If I make a mistake, saying sorry is the bare minimum. I have to try to fix it. If someone is important to me, I have to make them feel important. I don’t do to other people what I wouldn’t like people did to me. This is what I try to live by and don’t always succeed. Luckily throughout 2021, I got better. But I’m still not 100% over it and still care about this person. There is love still. But the moment I realize they were not going to act on fixing the relationship and be the person I wanted, expected, and needed them to be, I pushed them away. I did that to protect myself. I would rather not have this trauma in my life. And I’m welcoming any constructive comments or analysis from people who are not one-sided (my friends or therapists) hoping that I can process this better.
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i dreamt of being eaten by a wasp. what does this mean?
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